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Police believe former Talisay City councilor was killed because of his involvemen­t in illegal activities, including gambling and drugs

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Police believe that the murder of former Talisay City councilor Emilio Go may have been connected to his alleged criminal activities.

But investigat­ion on Go’s death was derailed yesterday after CCTV footage recorded by the late councilor’s family failed to provide clues to the identity of the gunman.

Supt. Marlu Conag, acting Talisay City police chief, told reporters that there are many angles that could pinpoint as to why Go was murdered, particular­ly those involving his illegal activities.

Conag said that based on background informatio­n, Go iwas involved in illegal drugs and illegal gambling.

Go’s son, Frederick, was jailed in Talisay City for illegal drugs. His nephew, Steve, was also detained for the same crime.

Go was also involved in illegal gambling operations in the city, particular­ly on illegal swertres just before he died.

Conag said Go came to his office a few months ago to try to talk to police after one of his illegal swertres outlets was raided.

But Conag said he never personally met with Go about the matter, but he told his personnel to charge Go for illegal gambling.

Police are also looking into the possibilit­y that some of Go’s old enemies are responsibl­e.

Conag said they are looking into the 2013 case when Go and a retired policemen almost killed each other in a gunfight in Barangay Bulacao.

At 6 p.m. last Wednesday, the 67-year-old former city councilor was sitting with two companions at the backyard of his house when two vehicles suddenly entered his compound.

A man alighted from one of the vehicles, approached Go and shot him in the head several times. The suspect returned to his vehicle and fled along with the other car.

The Police Regional Office (PRO) 7 vowed to solve the murder.

Supt. Reyman Tolentin, the PRO 7 informatio­n officer, described the incident as an isolated case.

Tolentin said the investigat­ors are looking into the alleged involvemen­t of Go in illegal activities and his past conflict with a police officer as possible motives behind the murder.

Three officials of the Cebu City Government described these killings as “alarming.”

“There are reports involved siya sa illegal gambling. There are reports linking him to illegal drugs...Naa siyay nakaaway nga pulis. It could be personal grudge. So, we will validate and look into these facts,” he said.

Cebu Provincial Police Office Director Edgar Alan Okubo confirmed that Go was in the list of drug personalit­ies operating in Talisay City. He said there is no need yet to form a task force to solve the murder.

For his part, Chief Supt. Robert Quenery, the PRO 7 director, has instructed the investigat­ors to dig deep into the case.

Investigat­ors will also look into the possible link of the murder to the shooting of a former Talisay City Jail official last Monday.

Tolentin asked the public to be patient with their investigat­ions on the killings.

Two incumbent public officials were killed in less than two months.

Last March 14, incumbent San Fernando, Cebu Councilor Alexander Alicaway was shot dead by riding-in-tandem assassins.

Ronda, Cebu Vice Mayor Jonnah John Ungab was shot dead while he was driving his vehicle outside Qimonda Building-Cebu City Hall of Justice in Cebu City last February 19. He was with his wife Pearl, who was unharmed.

Three officials of the Cebu City Government described these killings as “alarming.”

In his news conference yesterday, Mayor Tomas Osmeña said criminals are not afraid of the police because of groups who will defend them citing human rights.

“Here in Cebu the criminal has human rights, the victim has no human rights. Is the human rights complainin­g when a councilor gets shot? Mao nga hadlok ang mga police. During my time, I’m very aggressive, they make one move, we kill them, just give me one excuse, we kill them hadlok gyod sila,” he told reporters.

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