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Well-trained trainers at Anytime Fitness


Knowing how to properly exercise is just as important as doing the actual exercising, which is why Anytime Fitness sees to it that personal trainers are not just physically fit but also educated and well informed.

Last March 10, Anytime Fitness gathered all personal trainers from its Visayas and Mindanao branches for a day of training at the Escario branch.

“Personal training is important because you get to maximize results and get them safely. Here in the Philippine­s, our knowledge about fitness is still embryotic. MTP Health filled a gap in our personal trainers’ skillset. This is a way of showing that we are investing in our trainers,” said Luke Guanlao, director of Anytime Fitness Philippine­s and president of Anytime Fitness Escario and Cebu Business Park.

Personal trainers were intro- duced to the EVOLT 360 Scanner, a state-of-the-art body compositio­n analyser that uses an eight electrode multifrequ­ency segmental analysis known as Biometrica­l Impedance Analysis.

They also underwent a training session with MTP Health, a Sydney-based company that aims to close the gap between the medical and health fields, and strength and conditioni­ng. The personal trainers will be undergoing 24 months of training with MTP Health, a mix of onsite and online sessions.

“We want to help people move better. We also want to promote consistenc­y in the fitness industry and improve the overall standard,” said Luke Kane, executive director of MTP Health.

MTP Health has partnered with 18 Anytime Fitness outlets. This is also its first project in the Philippine­s.

Anytime Fitness is the largest gym chain in the Philippine­s in terms of member base and number of clubs. Anytime Fitness was recently awarded Best of Cebu 2017’s Best Gym.


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