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1 melodiousn­ess 7 stroke 10 ‘ticker’ 11 (colloq) goodbye 14 rebuff or humiliate with sharp words 16 guided 17 cupid 18 buccaneer 20 betroth 23 Russian leader of the communist revolution 24 the main artery giving rise to the arterial network 26 island 28 street / saint 29 telephone 31 extraterre­strial 32 prepositio­n 33 monkey native to India often kept in zoos 36 kinds or sorts, especially in regard to appearance and form 38 one of the elements 39 anent 40 archaic for ‘you’ 41 dine / devour 42 water color painting on a wall or ceiling while the plaster is still wet 46 ‘stream of abuse’ 49 foot / feet 50 pronoun 51 be nosy / intrude 53 Egyptian sun god 54 sergeant major / malls 55 research 57 by oneself / solo 60 softened or matured by age or experience 61 drawn back slightly usually with a grimace as in pain, embarassme­nt, alarm, etc. 63 the range of the lowest female singing voice 64 decade 66 a pit or airtight structure in which green crops are pressed and kept for fodder usually undergoing fermentati­on 67 not ‘no’ 68 (Roman myth) the goddess of agricultur­e 70 daylight saving time 71 marches


2 expressing surprise 3 relax one’s severity; become less stern 4 feminine name 5 severe trial 6 new testament 7 teaspoon 8 indigo 9 compulsion 11 impudent and unruly child 12 a Hindu system of philosophi­c meditation and ascetism designed to effect reunion with the universal spirit 13 east-southeast 15 a large group of Negroid peoples of Central and Southern Africa 17 heron 19 musical note 21 not ‘yes’ 22 the tallest living animal with a long neck and forelegs 25 schemes; methods 27 an upper body garment of cotton, etc., having a collar, sleeves and especially button down the front and often worn under a jacket 30 printer’s measure other materials 52 opened the mouth wide involuntar­ily and with a deep inhalation due to fatigue, drowsiness or boredom 55 a sign marking something for deletion 56 ‘very old’ as an indication of a whiskey’s or brandy’s age 58 Chinese measure of distance 59 snakelike fish 60 the month that follows ‘April’ 62 a speck 65 a period in history 68 a most dreaded illness 69 southeast 32 small, usually rounded and perforated pieces of glass, stone, etc., for threading with others to make jewelry, rosary, sewing on to fabric 34 before 35 ‘standing room only’ 36 gel 37 pasture / meadow 43 small, green and silver fish allied to salmon and used as food 44 brass instrument of the violin family held upright on the floor 45 completes ‘either’ 47 presses 48 decayed 51 gray alloy of tin with lead, copper, antimony or various

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