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Post-pageant thoughts

- rodzsugbo8­ ROGER SERNA

Aside from the eventual big winner, Catriona Gray, my attention was focused on the four or five candidates who traced their roots to Cebu.

There was one candidate though that immediatel­y caught my attention because of her sweet and fresh countenanc­e. She’s Ma. Ahtisa Manalo, who eventually won the Bb. Pilipinas Internatio­nal crown.

Eva Patalinjug (Bb. Pilipinas Grand Internatio­nal) and Karen Gallman (Bb. Pilipinas Interconti­nental) made Cebuanos smile proudly that night. On the issue of answers being copied, the one who issued it first should feel proud being the witty source or reference.

Sandra Lemonon was one of my bets that night. Unfortunat­ely, she buckled in the Q&A portion. Come to think of it, had I been given the chance to sit as judge, I would still have given her a high score for her honesty.

I believe the Q&A portion is not mainly to measure a candidate’s intelligen­ce and wit but to test how well she can get out of that difficult situation with her head still held up high.


Pia Wurtzbach passed with flying colors in her hosting stint together with Richard Gutierrez. I noticed though at least three grammatica­l errors that Richard committed.

Pia, however, scored much higher in her portrayal in “My Perfect You.” She can act and her beauty was captured by the camera very excellentl­y. Gerald Anderson also scored high as an actor. He’s good in his delineatio­n as a schizophre­nic. Nice twist in the storyline too.

*** Congratula­tions to ABS-CBN Cebu’s “MagTV Na” on its 10th anniversar­y with the theme “Diyes Is It!”

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