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Leap of faith

- MELANIE T. LIM melanietli­

Ithink about the time I leapt off the mountain in Nepal to paraglide. Looking back, I realize I didn’t really know what I had gotten myself into—at least, not until my feet left the edge of the mountain.

But I made the decision to do it as I had done with all the other adrenaline-fueled stunts I had pulled in my life because I had so much faith in my capacity to overcome all the odds—including my fear of heights.

I can’t say I am fearless. But somehow, I can always muster the courage to take a leap of faith.

There are days when you think you can’t make it but somehow, you do. Some people don’t believe in God. But I do. Because really, how can I not? I don’t think I could have made it through the darkest days of my life without Him.

Someone told me once, “You don’t have to carry the entire burden, you know. You are not alone. There is God.”

I know. And it is from Him that I draw strength every day.

There are many things I don’t believe in— lame excuses, superstiti­ous beliefs and Prince Charming. But I believe in God—because He has given me all my super powers though the most trying times of my life.

And every day, I am grateful for His presence in my life.

Some people profess to be without faith. I don’t think it’s possible to live without faith.

Life, itself, is a leap of faith. When you choose to wake up each morning, you choose to take a leap of faith—because each day presents you with the gift of the unknown. The day can bring you joy or it can bring you pain. And yet, despite the hardship and heartbreak that life brings, why do we choose to live? Because no matter how gloomy the skies look, I know the clouds will eventually lift and I will see the sun again. I don’t know how long it will take but I know it will happen.

When you’re happy, there’s a spring in your step. When you’re sad, it feels like there are weights in your ankles and you just can’t take another step. When your heart is heavy, it is very hard to find the strength to get up each morning.

But I remember the moment with clarity. As I stood on top of the mountain, I felt a thousand butterflie­s doing summersaul­ts in my stomach. Did I have any doubts that I could do it? Yes. But did I think I could do it? Yes. I was scared to death. But I had faith in my capacity to overcome my fears. I knew I was not alone.

As I ran towards the edge of the mountain, I implored God, “Please make me fly.” And as soon as my feet left land, I found myself flying.

Sometimes, I have no idea how I’m going to make it through the day but I remember that time in the mountain when I didn’t know for certain if I could fly till the very moment my feet left the edge of land and I was airborne.

And I realize that I just need to take that leap of faith—and I will fly. After all, I know I am not alone.

On top of the mountain, I felt a thousand butterflie­s doing sommersaul­ts in my stomach

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