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Breathing: A fundamenta­l movement

- PIO SOLON piogerards­

Good day, all! What is the most important movement skill? Some might say jumping, sprinting or running. But ask anyone who’s learned meditative skills, and they would tell you that breathing is the most fundamenta­l skill.

We breathe to creative negative pressure in our lungs, that will then allow for air to come. This air is filtered through various apparatuse­s and ultimately ends up in in our cells to aid in our body’s function.

We all breathe; if we didn’t, we would die. But is there a way to breathe better?

Definitely! Notice how yogis swear by their breathing? Breathing deeply, using the diaphragm offers a host of positive benefits:

Engages the core. The diaphragm is a muscle and deep breathing engages the diaphragm. Try deep breathing when doing core exercises to maximize its effect. Helps reduce anxiety. Deep breathing has been shown to decrease anxiety in individual­s. Deep breathing has a powerful effect to bring back the body and the brain to its resting state.

Aside from these, breathing deeply can be a natural painkiller, improve blood flow, increase energy level, improve posture, reduce inflammati­on, detoxify the body, stimulate the lymphatic system and improve digestion.

Start breathing deeply today. Lie down flat on your stomach. As you inhale, try to expand your stomach as much as you can. You should feel your lower back lifting up. Do this while thinking mindfully and being as grateful as you can for all that you have. Happy Sunday!

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