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Creative Magnate, Bukas Palad Youth build up children’s confidence

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Creative Magnate Institute, a training and organizati­onal developmen­t company, carried out its outreach program with Bukas Palad, an organizati­on that is active in serving poor communitie­s of Cebu City and nearby areas. It offers a comprehens­ive program in the fields of education, housing, health care, livelihood and community developmen­t.

On Oct. 20, the Creative Magnate team, headed by internatio­nal speaker Padma Mangharam Siap, conducted a confidence building program for children ages 12 to 20. The adult coordinato­rs also joined in the dynamic activities that allowed the participan­ts to throw away inhibition­s that get in the way of self-expression. Exercises in “Bigger than Life” communicat­ion included the use of voice projection, articulati­on, vocal variety, facial expression and eye contact. In the short time, the children turned from shy to expressive. They understood the value of confidence as key to success and enjoyed the learning process.

Padma Mangharam Siap, founder of Creative Magnate Institute (once Arts Magnate), is going to open courses in leadership, self-discovery and self-confidence for teens on April 2019. Call (032) 342-2090 for details. /


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