Wit­nesses iden­ti­fied sus­pect though video footage


The Punta Princesa Po­lice ar­rested the sus­pect be­hind the rob­bery and mur­der of a Ken Taxi driver Wed­nes­day, Nov. 7, in Naya Vil­lage, Barangay Tisa, Cebu City.

A wit­ness iden­ti­fied Eric Cabi­gas Ramos, 30, of Pili­pog Mo­hon 1, Barangay Tisa, as one of the two who robbed and killed driver Vic­to­rio Molina of Marigon­don, Lapu-Lapu City.

Punta Po­lice Chief In­ves­tiga- tor SPO 2 Deo Clarin said the sus­pects had a drink­ing ses­sion right af­ter the in­ci­dent.

Dur­ing the ses­sion, one of them men­tioned that he was one of those who robbed the Ken Taxi driver that night.

One of those who drank with Ramos later told the po­lice, who then searched for the sus­pect.

“Nang­ham­bog ni siya ba sa iyang kainom, nya ang iyang kainom bata-bata ni sa po­lice. Ang po­lice sad nanawag sa usa ka kauban namo nga nail­han na ang nag­tulis sa driver (He bragged to those he was drink­ing with about what hap­pened, but the lat­ter was a po­lice con­tact. The cop also called us and said the sus­pect had been iden­ti­fied),” said Clarin.

Molina’s rel­a­tives also sus­pected that he was the one who killed their fa­ther.

Clarin said they were able to ar­rest a theft sus­pect ear­lier, but the wit­nesses did not rec­og­nize him. But when they showed them a video, the wit­nesses pos­i­tively iden­ti­fied Ramos who, they said, boarded Molina’s taxi and dis­em­barked in Barangay Tisa.

The po­lice found the black pair of shorts and the shirt that Ramos wore dur­ing the crime.

Ramos strongly de­nied the ac­cu­sa­tion, and showed he had su­tures on his ab­domen to ex­plain that he was not ca­pa­ble of shoot­ing any­one.

“Ipak­laro na nila kung ako ba gyud, kay kung ako gyud akoa ning ser­bisy­ohan. Lisura sad an­ing gibuhat nila nako oy, nia pa gani ni akung op­erasyon o, ni­layat kuno ko sa sapa pag­pusil nako (They should make sure if I did it, be­cause if it’s re­ally me, I will serve the sen­tence. It’s hard what they did to me. Look, I had an op­er­a­tion re­cently, and they said I jumped into the river af­ter I killed the driver),” said Ramos.

He said he was shot last week and he had just got out of the hos­pi­tal the other day. He said he tried to avoid a check­point by the Punta Princesa Po­lice.

Clarin said Ramos also shot dead some­one, but had been out of prison since the vic­tim’s rel­a­tives didn’t file a case.

He was also re­port­edly be­hind a num­ber of killings in neigh­bor­ing barangays.

The po­lice are still try­ing to in­ves­ti­gate who Ramos’s com­pan­ion was dur­ing the killing of the taxi driver.

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