You are Fine Wine

Sun.Star Cebu - - ‘ZUP! - ARI­ANNA YU / Paref Southcrest School stu­dent

To my mother on earth, and to hers in the clouds: You are fine wine.

Fine wine, fine wine. You aged like fine wine. From bud to blos­som, The drink of the vine, You aged like fine wine.

Do not be tricked, The skins of fine wine are never new, They are wrin­kled and blem­ished,

But inside is liq­uid gold.

And why should there be a mold to hold you back

If you were meant to change any­ways?

With her skin she grows old: Bloomed by the sun of her youth,

Ripened from the years, Skins stretched by ma­ter­nity, Fine wine, aren’t you beau­ti­ful Fine wine, that’s what you are, And I’ve al­ways seen you that way

And I’ve al­ways seen you as beau­ti­ful,

Be­cause you taught me what it meant

And I’d al­ways be­lieve what you’d say.

You taught me that beau­ti­ful Was a word that be­longed to God

And ev­ery­thing he made. And He most def­i­nitely made you

Beauty that not only gets bet­ter with age.

You are the drink of the gods, And the gods love your wine That when you must leave us, I’ll un­der­stand why.

I’ll stare at a chal­ice of fine wine And I’ll know you’re with God And he’s pour­ing you a glass, So go ahead, drink and dine: En­joy that glass

Of fine wine. I know why you had to leave, Be­cause your wine is too sweet,

So God took away your cup Or I might get too tipsy Of your fine wine.

Fine wine, fine wine,

I’ll miss your fine wine

So on that day that we meet again,

I hope that I had lived long enough

To make you proud of my own wine.

That I had aged as well as you did

That I am a fruit from your vine.

On the day that we meet again, Let’s raise our cups,

Let’s laugh and smile, Let’s have a glass

Of your fine wine. (The poem by 15-year-old Ari­anna Yu won The Emily Dick­en­son Award dur­ing the Cal­liope Night of Paref Southcrest School Inc. on Nov. 16, 2018.)

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