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National police chief Dionardo Carlos has ordered an inquiry into the claims of self-confessed drug lord Rolan “Kerwin” Espinosa that he had made false accusation­s against Sen. Leila de Lima after being threatened by several cops.

Espinosa has executed an affidavit stating that there is no truth to his allegation­s that de Lima accepted millions of pesos in drug money to fund her 2016 senatorial campaign. Kerwin is the son of the late Albuera mayor Rolando Espinosa, who was killed in jail after he reportedly fought the police team that raided his cell in November 2016.

A second recantatio­n followed, and it’s from Rafael Marcos Ragos, the former National Bureau of Investigat­ion intelligen­ce deputy director and former Bureau of Correction­s officer-in-charge. Ragos has said then justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre ordered him to testify against de Lima.

De Lima, a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, has been detained at the Philippine National Police’s custodial center in Camp Crame since 2017.

The senator has denied her involvemen­t in drug traffickin­g. To recall, de Lima filed a Senate resolution to investigat­e the alleged extrajudic­ial killings and human rights violations in Davao City. The President’s personal vendetta is the reason behind her incarcerat­ion, the senator’s supporters have insisted.

What motivated Espinosa and Ragos to recant their allegation­s? Are they bothered by their conscience? Remember it is election season, and de Lima is waging a reelection campaign behind bars.

Though the courts cannot examine a person’s mind and find out if conscience really exists, they still have to review the recantatio­ns of Espinosa and Ragos. They still have to weigh pieces of evidence from the prosecutio­n.

Courts must seek the truth anchored on laws.

Prosecutin­g individual­s must be based on truth. Fabricatin­g lies to throw a person behind bars is beyond abominable.

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