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Passage of ‘Sogie: Anti-Discrimina­tory Bill’


THE upliftment of the status of women is the lofty and relevant mission of Zonta Internatio­nal Clubs worldwide. Zontians also aim to foster and accomplish together the pursuit of equality and growth, empowering women to bring harmony and peace globally.

Zontians are a dynamic and dedicated group, composed of profession­als, executives as well as businesswo­men who jointly sustain the noble objectives of the Club’s various projects: Women’s advocacy, livelihood, scholarshi­ps and presently, the immediate concern for Gender Identity and Expression.

In celebratio­n of Women’s Month this year, the Zonta Club of Cebu 2 (PH) hosted the “Sogie 101”- Understand­ing Sexual Orientatio­n, Gender Identity and Expression” webinar to call an end to gender-based discrimina­tion and uphold the basic human rights of people with diverse sexual orientatio­ns, gender identity and expression.

March, being Women’s Month, the webinar was set on the 12th, and aimed to increase awareness on the dimensions of human sexuality to prevent acts of discrimina­tion against people based on their sexual orientatio­n, gender identity or expression, reinforcin­g the message of inclusivit­y in their communitie­s.

Esteemed speakers were former National Youth Commission and LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgende­r and queer) advocate Percival Cendana, who expounded on constructs of sexual orientatio­n, gender identity and gender expression. Cendana also introduced basic terminolog­y related to each construct and discussed the implicatio­ns for establishi­ng affirming, safespace environmen­ts for people of all identities.

In the next part of the webinar, lawyer Jazz Tamayo led a discussion on the salient points of Senate Bill No. 1934 or the Anti-Discrimina­tion Based on Sogie Law. The bill is the longest-running under the Senate interpella­tion period in Philippine history, mired in the legislativ­e body for more than 20 years. Both Sen. Risa Hontiveros and Rep. Geraldine Roman, principal authors of the bill, expressed messages of support. They declared that the proposed law would ensure that all people, regardless of their Sogie, could exercise their rights to life, education, employment and expression without fear of reprisal or discrimina­tion.

The webinar counted with more than 600 participan­ts, among them students, lawyers, Zontians, mental health and community service-focused organizati­ons LGBTQ advocate groups, the police, social welfare government units and other equal rights duty bearers.

Were you one of them?

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 ?? ?? WEBINAR POSTER. Theme: “Sogie 101 - Sexual Orientatio­n, Gender Identity and Expression.”
WEBINAR POSTER. Theme: “Sogie 101 - Sexual Orientatio­n, Gender Identity and Expression.”
 ?? ?? RESOURCE SPEAKER. Sen. Risa Hontiveros (author, Sogie Bill).
RESOURCE SPEAKER. Sen. Risa Hontiveros (author, Sogie Bill).

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