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Enad LGBT pitch


Candidate for Minglanill­a, Cebu mayor Councilor Rajiv Enad was asked by broadcaste­r Jason Monteclar (“The Not So Late Show”) if it’s true (1) he is a homosexual and (2) most of his staffers belong to a gender in the LGBT initialism.

Enad wouldn’t “dignify” the first question but admitted that most of his people are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgende­r. They’re hardworkin­g, creative and sensitive, he said. With a pitch like “we must accept them as responsibl­e members” of the community.

Enad, a lawyer, is married. About “kamangay” on voters in the last two nights before Election Day, he said it’s okay if his wife would do it, as critics alleged, “basta ako lay kamangon” and okay if he did it too, “basta akong asawa lay kamangon nako.”

Does that count in a claim of heterosexu­ality?

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