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Cris ammo vs. Mike: Vaccine billboards


Crisologo V. Saavedra Jr., who’s also running for Cebu City mayor, has filed with the Visayas Ombudsman a complaint against Mayor Mike Rama for entering into contracts that Saavedra alleges are “disadvanta­geous” to the government. Specifical­ly, for spending public funds on “plywood-size” billboards, with Mike’s name and photo on each which are displayed “all over the city.”

Cris Saavedra – often billed as “a whistleblo­wer” who has “advocated for the past 19 years against abusive and corrupt officials in Cebu” – says he filed last May 4, 2022 a taxpayer’s complaint against the mayor for the “unnecessar­y and extravagan­t” use of public funds and “e-pal” display for his reelection bid as mayor.

People who saw Saavedra go after big political guns in Cebu may be disappoint­ed: the billboards are peanuts compared to the huge projects he went after in the past.

And he didn’t cite the actual number of billboards or their item cost and total amount involved. He didn’t compare prices to show “gross disadvanta­ge.” He only attached six photos of the “illegal” and “greedy” billboards.

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