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Great taste, plant-based

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In 2015, Vegadelphi­a Foods, a Philadelph­ia company, obtained from the US Patent and Trademark Office a registrati­on for its “Where Great Taste is Plant-Based” trademark covering meat substitute­s and poultry substitute­s. It sells plant-based chicken and beef products on the East Coast.

Last week, Vegadelphi­a filed a trademark infringeme­nt suit against Dunkin’ Donuts and Beyond Meat for using the slogan “Great Taste, Plant-Based” on their meatless sausage breakfast sandwich. The lawsuit also claimed that Dunkin’s advertisem­ents for its products use a font and “sunray” backdrop that are similar to Vegadelphi­a’s advertisem­ents. It is also alleged that Beyond Meat applied for the registrati­on of the “Great Taste, Plant-Based” trademark but the USPTO rejected it. (Reuters)

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