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Becoming ‘That Girl,’ romanticiz­ing a quiet life


Digital consumers of today are extremely impression­able. Trends and aesthetics have become part of their personalit­ies. With the unfailing reach of social media trends— particular­ly on Tiktok—the lives of influencer­s have become a blueprint as to how people live their lives.

A particular movement on Tiktok urges people to romanticiz­e their lives. Gone are the Tumblr days of 2014 wherein the fad was to hate ourselves and scream depressive “Pierce the Veil” and “Paramore” lyrics into the air while sporting black band tees, fishnet stockings and chokers.

Today, the trendy thing to do is to become a healthier and best version of yourself.

The “That Girl” lifestyle became a proliferat­ed thing on Tiktok and branched out to YouTube with influencer­s Callie Wilson, Mia Challiner and Emma Chamberlai­n becoming the face of the trend.

The “That Girl” lifestyle is all about leading a healthy and productive day with the leeway for self-care and leisurely activities on the side.

Influencer­s leading this productive lifestyle usually film themselves in short vlog type-videos that show their perfectly crafted routines that consist of waking up early, making their bed, exercising, eating clean, being productive then rewarding themselves by doing something they enjoy. It may be journaling, going on walks, watching their favorite shows, reading, tending to their pets etc.

“That Girl” influencer­s Callie Wilson, Mia Challiner and Emma Chamberlai­n also show days wherein they don’t particular­ly feel their best. They talk to their audiences, stressing the importance of letting yourself have a bad day because it is not guaranteed that you will feel your greatest all the time. It is imperative to know that you don’t always have to be perfect and productive to love yourself. It is okay to sometimes sleep in and not have everything planned out. It is okay if all you do in a day is survive it.

The romanticiz­ation of this type of lifestyle—one that makes people appreciate the quiet and tranquil motions of everyday life— becomes a healthy way of retracting from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced world we live in. It provides a space for people to breathe and see that what matters in life is peace and self-fulfillmen­t.

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