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Niña ‘not abandoned.’ Mike’s witness: God


Upon losing to former congresswo­man Rachel “Cutie” del Mar in Cebu City’s north district, Councilor Niña Mabatid alleged “hidden plans” were made against her. “Something went wrong, something happened,” Mabatid said in her post conceding to del Mar, and it was “well-planned.”

She didn’t blame anyone, Niña said, “not even my party (Barug) who turned their back on me.”

When I asked her Thursday, May 12 for specifics, she sent me photos of what appeared to be leaflets and sample ballots showing Mike Rama and Richard Yap, another rival of Mabatid, indicating the mayor was supporting Yap, not the official candidate. She alleged that people of Milo, the mayor’s liaison with the barangays, distribute­d the materials.

Congresswo­man-elect Cutie del Mar trounced Nina by more than 50,000 votes but Mabatid wasn’t questionin­g Cutie’s numbers. What must surprise her was that Yap, who did little campaignin­g compared to her extensive and noisy sorties, polled in a decent 50,830 votes.

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