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Marcos’ incredible win

- TWITTER: @sunstarceb­u /sunstarceb­u By Renester P. Suralta

The people have spoken loud and clear after they cast their votes. The results have validated all pre-election surveys. The crowd at rallies and the endorsemen­t of three big religious groups have affirmed the UniTeam victory.

Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. is set to be proclaimed as winner by a vast and historic landslide, despite many desperate and malicious personal and profession­al attacks by his political opponents. He will be back to Malacañang as the 17th President of the Republic with a noble mission and vision to unite the Filipino people and bring forth the glory days.

This could be a pivotal change in a nation divided by the past.

Thrilling rematch

The 2022 presidenti­al election is the most exciting rematch between two top contenders, former senator Marcos and VP Robredo. Marcos finally feels vindicated after the loss to Robredo in the 2016 presidenti­al election by 263,473 votes. This time he got more than he asked for with his overwhelmi­ng 31 million votes. The figure for the record is the highest number of votes ever accumulate­d by a presidenti­al candidate in the last three decades. His father got 61.47 percent percent of the total votes in 1969.

Chess game

Marcos’ strategic political campaign was well executed. His partnershi­p with Sara Duterte was a significan­t move to get the support of the solid South as he conquered the solid North. His positive campaign approach and constant call for unity amidst a mountain of criticism was a smart move and a success. He never retaliates with insults when insulted. Never repay evil for evil. His refusal to participat­e in a political debate that covertly aimed to humiliate and discredit him worked in his favor. But he joined interviews with selected TV personalit­ies and media outlets he considered fair and credible. He captured the hearts of the Filipino people from surveys to Election Day without the President’s endorsemen­t because the people saw in him the sincerity and determinat­ion to continue Duterte’s legacy.

Moving on

The death of deposed Marcos and the legal action against the family had taken their course in history. It was the trial of a century. The PCGG has sequestere­d all government properties allegedly stolen by Marcos. Issues revived should be stopped. The Comelec junked the petitions and appeals.

The people should focus on their own lives and give Marcos the chance to prove himself. The election results must not ruin family relations and longtime friendship­s. It is time to move on and pick up the pieces.

Implicatio­ns of his victory

For the country, his victory means the nation is ready to move forward and face a new challenge that awaits our leaders in the post-pandemic era. For the people, it means the majority of the Filipinos have a good heart and a forgiving spirit. These are essential values of our unique culture and humanity.

As a predominan­tly Christian country in Asia, we practice forgivenes­s which is the heart and soul of the Christian faith. There is no point in bickering, harboring bitterness, hatred, and grudges over the years. We are all sinners in the eyes of God so, by keeping his command to forgive our fellowmen is a noble thing. To err is human to forgive is divine.

Six years ago, it was not his destiny to be the Vice President because God had a better plan for him to be the President of this country. In Isaiah 60:22, “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.”

God bless the Philippine­s.

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