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‘The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat’


Ifully subscribe to Yin Yang, an ancient Chinese philosophy. It is a philosophi­cal concept that describes how obviously opposite forces may actually be complement­ary. Meaning, if there’s day, there’s night, if there’s joy, there’s sadness, if there’s love, there’s hate, if there’s victory, there’s defeat. In sports, it is quite often quoted: the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

In the last political exercise, there were those who emerged victorious and many who didn’t. In Pampanga the followers of the Pinedas are ecstatic for they can expect continued A-1 public service from the son-mother tandem of Gov. Dennis and Vice Gov. Nanay Baby. I witnessed my cumpares, friends and kin fall by the wayside. Many are hurting and others are still coming to their senses on what happened. Three of my cumpares, former Mayors Boking Morales of Mabalacat, Erning Punzalan of Mexico and Oscar Rodriguez of the City of San Fernando were trying to reclaim past glories, but to no avail. Another friend, former Porac Mayor Condring de la Cruz attempted to get back to the municipio, but the well-loved Mayor Jing Capil defeated him. San Simon Ex-mayor Leonora Wong tried a comeback, but the incumbent Mayor Jun Punzalan seems to be still popular with the electorate of the town.

In the other towns, the mayors who retained their seats were Jun Tetangco of Apalit, Bobong Flores of Macabebe, Teddy Tumang of Mexico, Ross Gamboa of Sta. Ana, Rene Maglanque of Candaba, Jay Sagum of San Luis and Esmie Pineda of Lubao. The new mayors who defeated opponents were John Sambo of Sto. Tomas, Philip Naguit of Minalin, Tonton Torres of Guagua, Tonton Bustos of Masantol, Art Salalila of Sta. Rita, Lina Bagasina of Sasmuan, Cris Garbo of Mabalacat City and Pogi Lazatin of Angeles City. Vilma Caluag made history as the first woman mayor of San Fernando.

I pick three outstandin­g municipal mayors who are among my favorites. Macabebe Mayor Bobong Flores has the look of a movie star. He is tall and consistent­ly well dressed. Dapper like a true Kapampanga­n. In the few instances we met, most often at a food chain at SM malls in San Fernando, he was always well groomed, with his semi-wavy salt and pepper hair looking greased. Like his father Domingo who served long years as town mayor, Bobong was also elected many times as alkalde than any of the mayors in Pampanga. Despite his age, he always gets the support of his cabalen.

Mayor Teddy Tumang is the man behind Mexico’s success and countless achievemen­ts. He is purpose-driven and passionate about his work. He is the man who gave his heart and self for the love and service to his fellow Mexicanos. Progress of the town is accelerati­ng and given a few more years it will become a city, by his calculatio­ns. The investment keeps pouring in. The town is witnessing business activities never witnessed before. The town’s unpreceden­ted growth under his watch made him unbeaten in his many political outings.

Mayor Jing Capil was elected the town executive at the time that the former community which I used to describe as lethargic is growing by leaps and bounds. The big property developers of the country are already making investment­s in Porac, like the Ayalas and Sy family. It’s so strategica­lly located, being halfway between Clark Freeport and Subic Freeport. Capil was a barangay captain of Manibaug when he threw his hat in a local election in a three-cornered mayoral race. He was a giant slayer. He skewered two of the most popular family names in Porac politics, namely Vice Mayor Dexter David and former governor Mark Lapid.

I witnessed my cumpares, friends and kin fall by the wayside. Many are hurting and others are still coming to their senses on what happened

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