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Iknow I work best un­der pres­sure but when I am un­der pres­sure AND things don’t go as planned, I just go berserk! I be­come ir­ri­ta­ble that I just might bite some­one’s head off if any one un­sus­pect­ing per­son crosses my path and de­cides for what­ever rea­son to mess with me. These are the times when I hon­estly feel thatI may have anger man­age­ment is­sues be­cause I re­ally, re­ally be­come ag­i­tated for any­one to even at­tempt shop talk. Ar­rghh. Ev­ery­thing nice and sunny just goes out of the win­dow.

Maybe it is more of anx­i­ety than anger but what­ever it is, the end re­sult al­ways seems to be me, gain­ing the irk of my sib­lings and close friends! That rush, of all things good and bad, just leaves me emo­tion­ally “charged” that I know that sparks will def­i­nitely fly.

You must have felt this way about cer­tain things, know­ing that not-so-good just mind end up pre­sent­ing it­self, putting you in a com­pro­mis­ing/awk­ward/em­bar­rass­ing predica­ment. One that you most likely will end up re­gret­ting and want­ing to kick your­self in the head for. Yes, I know this all too well.

Most days I ac­cept it as it is. It re­ally is how I am. But then again, I wouldn’t want to keep alien­at­ing friends and fam­ily so I try to not be that way all the time. How? Well, the fol­low­ing have worked for me some­how:

An­tic­i­pate. I know I al­ready said that it usu­ally hap­pens when un­ex­pected things hap­pen but you can still have a gen­eral game plan to help you man­age your neg­a­tive be­hav­ior. I have made it a habit to iden­tify warn­ing signs that lead to re­leas­ing the “mon­ster.” When this hap­pens, it helps to be mind­ful of what is go­ing on so that you do not end up drift­ing into the deep end be­cause you know that sucks.

Try to keep calm. Anx­i­ety begets panic and panic begets even more panic! Take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Be ob­jec­tive and try to take the emo­tions out of the equa­tion. I al­ways try and give my­self a mini pep talk. “You can do it!” “Don’t panic!” “You’ll be fine!” They don’t al­ways help but when it does, thank you! Do you know that deep breaths are overly un­der­rated? Try it!

When all else fails, dis­en­gage! For those of you who reg­u­larly read this col­umn (thank you!) You prob­a­bly have no­ticed that I use “dis­en­gage” a lot. Yeah, it’s my fa­vorite word be­cause it works for me. When you be­come over­whelmed about the things that have be­gan to bother you, just dis­en­gage. Do other things to­tally un­re­lated to what is bug­ging you. Think happy thoughts. Sing. Dance. Do both. Do all of the above! Be all there for your­self first be­fore you worry about ev­ery­thing else. Just do your­self a fa­vor and do away with the nega stuff, okay?

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