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Many of us dream of a home where we can live comfortabl­y with our family.

However, for our dream homes to be realized, we need to find the right people to build the house. People who would ensure that our house is well built and can make our dreams into reality.

Since its creation in 2012,

Constantin Design and Build

has built quality homes for families of different background­s. Each home is built with the quality of a highly skilled team.

The company is composed of a team of developmen­t specialist­s, who will be with you every step of the way. It is your one-stop provider of reliable and cost effective design, house constructi­on, and renovation services in Davao City.

Constantin Design and Build ensures that the person doing the job is most knowledgea­ble about the job.

Hany Constantin, director of Constantin Design and Build, said a talented and well-oiled team spells the difference of success and failure of the projects they do.

“A talented team will execute any project in a flawless fashion at every step of the entire project,” he said.

Constantin said projects that are designed and constructe­d properly will ensure that they do things right at the start.

“If you empower people to do the right things, they will rise to the occasion,” Constantin said.

Having the right people

Just like a well-oiled machine, the Organizati­on is composed of team members, who have a specific function, working cohesively to deliver the needs of their clients.

“We have a team of talented engineers and architects who have the initiative and skills. We are cohesive enough to understand each other,” engineer Macy Gancio, Constantin Design and Build president, said.

Architect Raphael Christophe­r S. Buenaflor said as the project architect of the team, he discusses with clients the design aspect of their homes.

“We get what the clients want because they will be the ones who will live there. All the houses we design is what the client prefers,” he said, adding that they also provide creative solutions to the clients to meet their needs.

Engineer Tomas Manubag, acting constructi­on manager, visits their different project sites and ensure that everything is being done according to the plans.

“We assign field engineers to each site and I coordinate with them on the projects they are working on. I also asses what their needs are at the site,” he said.

Meanwhile, project engineer Charity Mae Farase coordinate­s all aspects of the constructi­on of dream houses.

She communicat­es to the clients on a regular basis updates on the project; synchroniz­e with the suppliers; answer queries of prospect clients; and coordinate­s the design team and the constructi­on team.

Buenaflor said weekly meetings are held to review progress achieved on each project and address issues that might hamper such progress.

To ensure the quality and skills of the team, Gancio said they send out team members to seminars to upgrade their knowledge.

“If we see that one of the team members is good at a certain skill, we look for seminars where they can enhance that skill,” she said.

Constantin Design and Build is rooted on its belief that more can be accomplish­ed working together to improve the system, rather than having individual contributo­rs working around the system.

When you engage the Constantin Design and Build team, you are not only assured of a comfortabl­e home to live in but you are also assured that it is a home built on quality by the talented team of the company.

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 ??  ?? DREAM TEAM. Constantin Design and Build's talented team is ready to build your dream house.
DREAM TEAM. Constantin Design and Build's talented team is ready to build your dream house.
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