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PRRD picks his bets in Davao del Norte

The election season will become more heated as the casting of votes nears


Thursday night was something to remember. I was musing over the photos posted on Facebook which showed Alan Dujali and Edwin Jubahib with some interestin­g poses with Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, Sen. Manny Pacquiao and ‘senatoriab­le’ Bong Go. Then then there was a cryptic logo with a crossed out numeral 40 and underneath the phrase “CHANGE Yes We Can”. I was trying to decipher what message it conveys but I think am so dense I cannot figure out the ambiguity that surrounds it.

Suddenly however, by about 9 p.m., a picture popped out from my Messenger. I had put off the lights and was ready to sleep thus the thumb-size pictures were not visible to my eye. I switch on the light and tapped the photo to enlarge it and whoa! It was President Digong with Mayor Inday Sara and the incoming Sen. Bong Go raising the hands of Tonyboy Floirendo and Anthony del Rosario. I cannot believe what I saw.

At first I thought I was dreaming but three more pictures popped up in my iPad, one of these a grinning Rodney del Rosario and a happy President raising his hands.

Earlier a little bird told me that ex-Speaker Bebot Alvarez with Dujali and Jubahib in tow were attempting to come close to the President in a series of rallies in Luzon.

Duterte noticed Bebot in Bulacan rally and acknowledg­ed his presence but only to tell him with the crowd listening that he is sorry he cannot stop Inday (Davao City Mayor Inday Sara) from ousting him as Speaker. That statement was interprete­d by the rah rah boys of Bebot as “nangayo of pasaylo si Digong”, meaning the President apologized to Bebot.

Again the trio followed Duterte in Laguna rally but failed to come close to him. In Cebu rally, however, Koko Pimentel escorted Bebot and his two allies close to where the President was hobnobbing with the locals wanting to have pictures taken with him. With all civility Duterte greeted Bebot who then took the opportunit­y of introducin­g Jubahib and Dujali to him. My informant told me that Bebot introduce the two as “ako ang mga kauban”. Without much ado the President posed for a picture with the duo who raised the hands of the surprised Digong. Having done that they too had photos taken with Manny Pacquiao, the campaign manager of PDP-Laban, and then later with Bong Go. All these were posted later on FB and bannered as a political poster with the President, Pacquiao and Bong Go endorsing them. The photos were either captioned “Speak the truth and tell no lies”, “RES IPSA LOQUITOR... Thing speaks for itself ”.

“President Rodrigo Roa Duterte endorses Kuya Edwin Jubahib and VGov Alan Dujalias, official candidates for governor of Davao Del Norte and congressma­n for dist 2 , Dav Del Norte, respective­ly during PDP Laban campaign rally at Cebu City”; “Tataw na ebidensya” and “What more can you Say”.

I am certain that President Duterte was well-appraised of the unabashed claims of those candidates identified with PDP-Alvarez wing. This is a desperate and uncalled for strategy to promote themselves to the electorate­s at the expense of the President.

It is a grand tomfoolery and President Duterte’s response by way of a formal declaratio­n of his preferred candidates in Davao del Norte should teach and ram into the consciousn­ess of those involved in the scam to never create your own truth by dragging the President to your lies.

Rampant na kaayo ang illegal parking nga makita nato. Dili lang kay sa mga highway kundili sa central business district. Murag ginabalewa­la lang ang penalty nga P500 sa obstructio­n ug illegal parking. DIONISIO ABUDE Davao City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) head

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