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Creative in Motion

- BY MARK PERANDOS / Photojourn­alist

Lack of resources and support will not stop a man who has a creative mind from pursuing his dreams. Megan Palero, a Dabawenyo motion designer, proved this when it challenged his love for art.

Since his childhood, Megan already realized that animation is really for him because of his curiosity on how cartoons were made.

Megan’s journey towards being a motion designer started 10 years ago when he moved to Manila to study graphic design and animation as there were no single school in the city at the time which offered courses he have been dreaming of.

Upon trying his luck, he ended up working for a Business Process Outsourcin­g (BPO) company because the tuition fee are really expensive. Fortunatel­y, his tasks were still related to his interest.

Megan’s wide experience in creative design molded him to be who he is today.

“What made me a motion designer today is because of the combinatio­n of different practices and discipline of my experience before when I was still working for film production, advertisin­g and outsourcin­g,” he said.

Megan also shared that he drew a lot of inspiratio­n from different artists like of French filmmaker René Laloux and Salvador Dali.

Presently, Megan’s work reached private companies abroad and some advertisin­g companies in the country.

In life, we will really face challenges that would measure our decision-making skills, but our creativity to do an alternativ­e way to solve those challenges will sometimes lead us to situations that are even way better, just like what Megan did.

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