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Reading online vs Reading offline

- BY GRACE YU/ UM Intern

One day, I walked in to our school library which left me wondering as to why are the books in the shelves aren’t even scattered.

The desks are left cleaned without any books spread out.

But basing on what I am seeing, there are people who are presently reading something. And that something are either laptops, tablets, and phones.

I realized that the younger generation now have glued their eyes to the screens of their phones and laptops, leaving the books in the libraries untouched.

I now asked one of my colleagues as to what she prefer most, reading online or reading a printed book? She then answered that she would rather read printed books as this wouldn’t give her eye strains. She added that whenever she reads online, there are distractio­ns such as pop-ups, ads, and the like, She said it would leave her oblivious of what she is reading. On the other hand, reading printed books would not give her eye strain and it would let her focus more on what she is reading.

As for me, when I was growing up as kid, I would really find joy in reading Reader’s Digest and other printed materials. Through reading, I would acquire new vocabulary.

Although digital books are not that expensive and are always available, in my opinion, nothing really compares to reading printed books.

Many people are now suffering ‘computer vision syndrome’ because of the long hours of use of phones and computers, that causes headache, fatigue, dry and strained eyes. In order to prevent these kind of situation, it is best to take a break from looking at the computer screen or at your mobile phones.

There are a lot of pros and cons when arguing about reading online versus offline reading and what matters most is the cognitive understand­ing of what we have read about.

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