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WHILE there was the joy of finally seeing my son circumcise­d last week, the agony of hearing my son in pain predominat­ed. Initially, I was amazed when I saw many kids waiting for their turn with their parents. We arrived as early as 7:30 a.m. at the “Operation Tuli” site, but it seemed that we were already late. The doctors, volunteers, and local barangay team were already busy weighing the kids and doing the necessary documentat­ion before the actual circumcisi­on. Although there was a crowd, I saw all people wearing their masks. As names were called, I would always look at my son “Macoy” and hug him, but I could feel that he was uncomforta­ble that people might see, as he is already a grown-up. His father would always remind him, “matapang tayo ha, walang iiyak”. In turn, I almost cry every time I hear my husband say those words.

It makes me more anxious when I hear little boys crying, but I can listen to the doctors’ calming voice that lessens the boys’ anxieties. I can also hear parents’ voices sounding some in fear, worry, and others in excitement. I had mixed emotions by then; it was as if I would be the one to be circumcise­d.

When it was the turn of “Marco”, God, I have called all the angels and Saints. And lucky that it was Dr. Abe Jun Versoza who circumcise­d my big boy. Oh, my eldest daughter and husband watched the procedure, but I remained sitting and, like my soul, flew in fear that my son would be in deep pain. I heard him cry a little, but Dr. Abe was careful and gentle. What a relief! Indeed, I felt that my son was in good hands.

And because we came late, it was like “Macoy” was one of those last to be served, like almost 12 noon. But when I was looking at the volunteer doctors and the operation “tuli” team, I knew that they were all exhausted. Still, the smiles on their faces and willingnes­s to serve were there. Never did I see an uncompassi­onate doctor and uncaring volunteers. Instead, I truly felt their caring attitudes and I saw happy clients.

So, I took the chance to have a quick talk with Dr. Versoza, as my husband and “Macoy” went ahead to get the free antibiotic and pain reliever near the exit gate. Wow, everything is free! Glad to hear that the “Summer Operation Tuli 2022” conducted at the Alterado General Hospital Inc. is with the collaborat­ion of the City Health Office, local barangays, and the Freemasons of Masonic District R11-A Davao City.

It also includes the Agila Shriners Internatio­nal, Davao Masonic Center Foundation Inc., Masonic Lodges of the District, Appendant Bodies, Order of the Eastern Star, Order of the Amaranth, Southern Philippine­s Medical Center - Department of Emergency Medicine, Department of Surgery, Department of Urology, Davao Doctors Hospital, Mindanao Medical Foundation College, San Pedro Hospital Students, Operating room Nurses Associatio­n of the Philippine­s - Davao Chapter, and Widows Sons Masonic Riders Associatio­n.

Lucky are we and all those served last April 24, 2022. I know that “circumcisi­on” will not be easy for some boys, but you will see the smile on their faces after battling fear and anxiety when it is done.

Ahh, to the 137 boys circumcise­d, welcome to manhood. There might be tears at the beginning of the procedure, but there is indeed joy after. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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 ?? ?? Free medicines after circumcisi­on
Free medicines after circumcisi­on
 ?? ?? Dr. Abe Versoza and the team
Dr. Abe Versoza and the team
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