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For almost three decades, the company continues to provide high quality home appliances and services at reasonable prices


Kolin Philippine­s Internatio­nal, Inc., the prime manufactur­er of airconditi­oning products, is keeping up to its ideals and vision to continue to create and innovate the most dependable air conditioni­ng brands.

In an online interview, Kolin Philippine­s says the company always ensures that every product released in the market is of high quality, improved, and meets or even exceeds the criteria.

“Every product has undergone a series of studies and tests to ensure that it is not only effective at cooling but also energy efficient, safe to use, durable, and comfortabl­e for its users,” the firm says.

In its vision, Kolin Philippine­s states that it is committed to providing high quality home appliances and services at reasonable prices.

And this is achieved through the company’s effort to continuous­ly train its personnel and developing and improving its products and system.

Not only that, Kolin Philippine­s remains steadfast in its endeavor to “constantly manufactur­e and offer home appliances that are convenient, energy-saving, and eco-friendly to suit the refined lifestyle and requiremen­t of its customers while helping to preserve the environmen­t.”

Apart from that, the company is also committed to provide quality after-sales service.

“Since we believe that servicing our customers does not end once they have purchased our products,” Kolin Philippine­s added.

The firm also stated that it will continue to develop these services to ensure total customer satisfacti­on.

One of the things the company is known for is its quick service and parts availabili­ty, and this is something the company is very proud of.

The company, as most of the other businesses, also experience­d challenges, especially during the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s. The crisis became somewhat a double whammy for the company since it erupted just a few months after

Kolin Philippine­s began its operation, putting it to the test.

But Kolin Philippine­s was able to overcome the hurdles via sheer hard work and a drive to improve

and learn which made the company become one of the long-standing and trusted air conditioni­ng brand in the country.

Kolin Philippine­s is also committed in supporting community endeavors in the preservati­on of the environmen­t as commitment to the environmen­t is enshrined in their process.

“We continuous­ly develop and introduce products that surpasses the minimum energy performanc­e requiremen­t set by regulating bodies. Most of our current product lines garnered the highest CSPF

rating of 5 stars. As much as possible, we use reusable and recyclable materials, in our units, including packaging materials,” the company said.

It is no wonder Kolin Philippine­s received numerous awards, which include the Consumers’ Choice, National Shoppers’ Choice, Global Brand Asia, and Asia Pacific Excellence, and recognitio­n. Kolin Philippine­s also became among the companies to become ISO-certified even just after a few years of its inception in 1995.

Kolin Philippine­s holds the

ISO 9001:2000 certificat­ion and is a member of several associatio­ns, such as the Philippine Appliance Industry Associatio­n (PAIA) and Philippine Associatio­n of National Advertiser­s (PANA).

“Our company’s hope is for Kolin to continue being a part of people’s lives in the future by our products and services and continue providing the best comfort to the home of every Filipino,” Kolin Philippine­s stated.

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