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On the case filed by CAPECs


ICONDEMN in the strongest terms the unfounded and baseless case filed by CAPECs (Coalition Against the Privatizat­ion of Electric Cooperativ­es) against me, which clearly reeks of political harassment and persecutio­n. This desperate attempt to silence my voice and undermine the will of the people of Davao del Norte is a blatant disregard for justice and an insult to the principles of democracy.

It is with deep disappoint­ment that I witness the lengths some individual­s and organizati­ons will go to in order to impede progress and keep our people shackled to an inefficien­t power provider. The people of Davao del Norte have long suffered from subpar services and exorbitant electricit­y rates imposed by NORDECO (Northern Davao Electric Cooperativ­e). They have raised their voices in unison, demanding a change that will bring about improved service reliabilit­y, affordable rates, and a brighter future for our beloved province.

My unwavering support for the cause of the people, their right to choose their own power provider, and my commitment to their welfare have apparently made me a target for those who fear change and progress. CAPECs, in its misguided efforts, has resorted to filing a frivolous lawsuit without any concrete evidence, solely to tarnish my reputation and hinder the aspiration­s of the people of Davao del Norte.

Let me be clear: this case is nothing more than a politicall­y motivated attack on my integrity and an attempt to divert attention from the real issue at hand—the urgent need for a new power provider that can deliver on the promises of affordable, reliable, and sustainabl­e electricit­y for our province. CAPECs and its cohorts are shamelessl­y attempting to drown out the voice of the people, denying them their fundamenta­l right to choose their future.

I assure the people of Davao del Norte that I will not be deterred by these baseless accusation­s. I will stand firm in my unwavering dedication to their welfare, undeterred by the malicious attempts of those who seek to undermine our progress. This case, built on a foundation of falsehoods and personal vendettas, will crumble under the weight of truth and justice.


Davao del Norte Governor

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