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Rediscover Your Filipino Identity: Embrace Our Culture Once Again


CULTURE defines a community’s unique identity, manifested through its art, music, customs, and traditions.

Sadly, in this age of globalizat­ion, we Filipinos have been losing touch with our roots, preferring to patronize foreign products and neglecting our cultural heritage. We must realize that we are more than just a melting pot of different cultures - we have our own rich and vibrant identity that is worth celebratin­g and preserving.

As a student, I have always been fascinated by ethnic music and dance. The haunting melodies produced by instrument­s like the “kubing” and “kulintang” never fail to transport me to another world. The new theme song of Kadayawan Festival sung by Maan Chua and the winning jingle of DepEd Onse are examples of how we can infuse our modern music with traditiona­l elements, creating a unique and colorful sound that represents our culture.

We must not let foreign influences overshadow our own music and dance. Our generation may have grown up with Western and K-pop music, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon our own. We should take pride in our own songs and tune and strive to promote and patronize our own culture.

Unfortunat­ely, simply adding culture to the curriculum does not guarantee that students will appreciate it. Some would perform because of its equivalent points and some would use it merely for decoration­s but after that, nothing follows. It is very important that true appreciati­on of culture starts at home and in the community, where the spirit of nationalis­m can be instilled. By practicing our own culture and embodying our identity, we can create a sense of belonging and pride that will inspire future generation­s to do the same.

Let us remember that there is nothing wrong with appreciati­ng other cultures, but it is equally important to celebrate our own. We can follow in the footsteps of Filipino musicians like Joey Ayala, a Davaoeno who creates music using traditiona­l instrument­s. Dance to our own rhythm. By embracing our culture once again, we can rediscover our Filipino identity and truly be proud of who we are.

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