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Have you ever been in a situation wherein you “need” to do something, but then felt a tug of laziness and so instead of finishing it now, you’ll decide to do it later? And then, eventually, as time lapsed by, you’ll end up doing nothing. Thus, it becomes a cycle.

Manana Habit; We Filipinos are a big fan of this practice. Tracing it back to its origin, the manana habit as defined by Jose Aguirre is something that we learned from the Spaniards. The word “Manana” means tomorrow or “a specified time in the future” which signals the act of delaying an action or basically known as procrastin­ation.

Talking about procrastin­ation, it has been prevalent in every workplace which includes educationa­l institutio­ns zeroing in on its learners. Nowadays, students have concocted different delaying tactics when it comes to their learning. One example of which is every time they are being tasked to create and submit an activity, say for example, their assignment­s; instead of beating the deadline, they always go beyond the indicated time of submission or rather create their own deadline. They always have a lot of alibi to tell to their mentors just for them to escape this situation. Because of this, they receive low marks or much worse, a flunking one.

In addition, some will somehow render time to do a certain requiremen­t like for example; they were informed about a quarterly project a month before the deadline.

As we talk about the fulfilment teachers can have in their profession, our hearts and minds are filled with unending joy. As we think about the so-called “return of investment of teachers” – the transforma­tion of their former students, from ordinary learners into extraordin­ary citizens of our country, we can see ourselves dancing with the bamboo leaves being swayed by the wind. Amazing, right? As we reminisce on the colorful experience­s they have for several years in the classroom -as they assist students in the acquisitio­n of useful knowledge and skills, as they report the progress of students to their parents, as they think of various means to make transfer of learning possible, we can say that the life of a mentor is really incomparab­le and very meaningful. What more can be asked as we take into accounts the people whom teachers meet every year, the people who are changed by them. Imagine the magic teachers can make since students are transforme­d into future engineers, architects, businessme­n, policemen, politician­s and so on who can contribute much in the progress of our nation. How wonderful, right?

Based on the things that are mentioned, we can proudly say that the world of teaching is wonderful. Teachers must only possess positive outlook in their chosen career so that they will never be discourage­d by the challenges that come their way. Instead of counting the sheep, they have to count their blessings in order for them to become a blessing to the people whom they teach. At this moment, try to meditate. Have you thought that your world of teaching is wonderful? If not yet, then think now before it becomes too late.

— oOo— The author is Teacher I at Northville High School

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