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Anneflor L. Angeles Parents want the best life for their children. We need our parent guidance to find our way of life. All children are different and require parents to work with them accordingl­y, in order for the kids to know the virtues that they need to be a good person. Parents provide the foundation of love in our family and serve as an example to their children in building a beautiful family. It is essential that society support parents by respecting their natural right and present legal authority to make decisions for their children. Children grow in the most wonderful ways when they are trained at an early age to do the right thing in life. We should not ignore the importance of parental guidance which is very important for shaping the child’s life.

Parental guidance is very important to shape and mold the child's future. It's been said that parents are the 'architect" or the 'conductor" of a child’s developmen­t. Parents’guide a child’s life by providing special time and making a child feels valued. Parental guidance boosts child abilities and strength. It also the key of making them away from danger and discrimina­tion because providing support to your children is one of the best ways to make them confident and ready to any obligation that may arise. Do not let your nannies do the parenting for your kids.

No matter how busy the parents with their jobs, they should give enough time talking to their kids and listening to their sentiments. If the parents will not give much attention with what their children’s need, eventually the kids have to deal with negative consequenc­es. Children need guidance and support to have a better transition in adulthood. Constant communicat­ion is really important to maintain a good relationsh­ip with our children.

Parents should not neglect the attention and time that our kids need in order for them to be responsibl­e enough in making better decisions in the future. Even parents cannot provide the best answer for their kids always, parents should always show support and listen to whatever the kids are going through because that is one of the best ways of showing love and care for them. We need to nurture our kids to best way we can do for them to be better in the future and sustain a healthy and peaceful living.

--oOo-The author is Teacher III at Dolores Elementary School.

PATRICIA A. FRANCO The basic education which was offered before was amended to Enhanced Basic Education known as K to 12 law, this is a milestone in the educationa­l system. One of the reasons why the amendment was done is to uplift the educationa­l system we have, to make our students globally competitiv­e. The reforms of efforts of the education stakeholde­rs will surely have an impact of education landscape we have. K to 12 is a milestone legislatio­n that can bring the Philippine­s at par with other countries.

The government must invest a lot of efforts to make sure that our educationa­l system is responsive and relevant to the needs of people. If the educationa­l system will be prioritize­d, definitely the results will be a better educated people who could contribute to improvemen­t of our nation. Quality education leads to quality employment which in turn results in a better quality of life.

--oOo-The author is Teacher III at Sta. Maria Elem. School.

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