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Teaching Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health or MAPEH creatively is as challengin­g as laying down the learning map for other equally important core subjects like math and science.

Teaching MAPEH calls for innovative methods in ways that keep students engaged and interested in the material. In the short-attention span world of the 21st century education setting, it can be harder than ever to keep high school students excited and engrossed in learning MAPEH.

Finding new and innovative methods of teaching is a crucial skill for high school teachers. But applying innovative learning and attention-management techniques to classes is a win-win for both students and teachers.

Teaching MAPEH creatively necessitat­es visualizat­ion. Knowledge that is organized and connected to concepts with a goal of mastery, including the ability to visualize the concepts, can lead to the ability to transfer knowledge and lead to a deeper, longer-term understand­ing of what is taught. Teaching students visualizat­ion skills help them understand, recall and think critically about M APEH .

Well-managed use of classroom technology is also useful in MAPEH instructio­n. Computers, tablets, cellphones and digital cameras can enhance a student’s learning experience. Possible uses of classroom technology include using video games to teach MAPEH that allow students to explore the subject matter using film, audio and even software they create.

It is important however that during class, teachers should move around the classroom to monitor and ensure students are using their devices appropriat­ely.

Lastly, teaching MAPEH creatively involves peer instructio­n, discussion groups and collaborat­ive problem solving. Devoting time to active learning projects is one way to get students thinking, talking and sharing informatio­n in the classroom.

Innovative methods of teaching MAPEH can help high school students get the most out of their education and the MAPEH teacher’s quest for innovative learning for students.

— oOo— III at Diosdado Macapagal High School, The author is Teacher Mexico, Pampanga

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