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Many books were pub­lished, quotes and anec­dotes that de­fine lead­er­ship. But what does it re­ally mean to you? Why is it that de­spite the many great lead­ers for­mula of suc­cess, there are still lead­er­ship short­age that we see, hear and even en­counter in our own world of work? Lead­er­ship can be de­lin­eated in var­ied ways de­pend­ing on how you per­ceive it and what you be­lieve in. Per­son­ally, I be­lieve that lead­er­ship is serv­ing. A leader should think like a ser­vant. Serv­ing others not him­self or her­self. Not to be served but serve. In the book, “The Mul­ti­pli­ca­tion Chal­lenge” by Steve Mur­rell and Wil­liam Mur­rell, defin­ing lead­er­ship as serv­ing is even more fun­da­men­tal than the pop­u­lar and help­ful mantra: Lead­er­ship is in­flu­ence. Serv­ing should pre­cede in­flu­ence in a bib­li­cal un­der­stand­ing of lead­er­ship. Je­sus seemed to teach in­flu­ence not as an end but rather as a means- means to serve. In­flu­ence is the what of lead­er­ship and ser­vice is the why of lead­er­ship. We train peo­ple to be­come lead­ers. We ca­pac­i­tate them to gain knowl­edge and en­hanced their skills for them to fit in the job. But one should not for­get the very foun­da­tion of one leader should pos­sess – is to have a “heart to serve”.

-oOoThe author is Prin­ci­pal I at Del Car­men Na­tional High School

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