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PHILIP­PINE so­ci­ety does not have the death penalty. Hence, if the state can­not legally kill a cit­i­zen for a proven cause, how much more of an aber­ra­tion is killing for only a sus­pected rea­son?

Seven­teen-year old Kian’s death was by all ap­pear­ances a case of mur­der, of ex­tra­ju­di­cial killing if you will. Whether or not he was ac­tive in the drug scene is not an is­sue. Sin­ner or saint he did not de­serve to be shot by po­lice­men who are sworn to serve and pro­tect cit­i­zens.

Thus, I have no prob­lem adding my out­rage to that of those who seek jus­tice for Kian. I am for fight­ing a drug war be­cause so­ci­ety must al­ways try to stop this men­ace. But there is a right and a wrong way of do­ing this and fa­tally shoot­ing a sus­pect from be­hind his back and at close range is def­i­nitely not right.

In the same ex­as­per­at­ing breath, how­ever, I must sadly ad­mit to hav­ing to hold back a deepseated re­sent­ment against two groups of peo­ple.

First is the group of some Duterte sup­port­ers, among them of­fi­cials in his ad­min­is­tra­tion, who jus­tify Kian’s death as in­evitable and nec­es­sary col­lat­eral dam­age. In­cluded in this group are those that re­cently fired heavy flak at the Redemp­torist Fa­thers’ letter of con­dem­na­tion of Kian’s death and blan­keted the drug war and its con­tro­ver­sial (to say the least) modus operandi with the jus­ti­fi­ca­tion that these have cleared their barangays of drugs.

Like I said, I sup­port the drug war but there’s no way I can sup­port, in the name of good re­sults, any vi­o­la­tion of hu­man rights which most likely hap­pened in Kian’s death.

The other is the anti-Duterte group that uses Kian’s death to ad­vance their po­lit­i­cal agenda. Among them are me­dia and re­li­gious per­son­al­i­ties who in­sin­u­ate that all oth­ers who are not against Duterte and his drug war are not truly out­raged by Kian’s death as if they alone have a mo­nop­oly of the na­tion’s sense of de­cency and moral stan­dards.

Noth­ing can be far­ther from the truth. The out­rage is com­ing from all quar­ters as among Duterte’s sup­port­ers are de­cent folks who have no po­lit­i­cal agenda but have even higher moral stan­dards than the op­po­si­tion.

The is­sue is not the pres­i­dency. Peo­ple have set­tled this with 16 mil­lion votes and this we must re­spect. The is­sue is not the il­le­gal drug trade ei­ther. A gov­ern­ment must al­ways do its best to con­tain it.

Con­duct of the war is the is­sue as means never jus­tify end. Not Duterte’s means ei­ther but those of 40 per­cent of the po­lice that are on the take.

Now that Duterte has faced off with Kian’s par­ents and given his word that their son will get jus­tice, un­less one is po­lit­i­cally mo­ti­vated the rag­ing should shift to watch­ing for a pos­si­ble cover-up. In the event of that we should all rage even more.

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