Fan­tas­tic 5 on Sui­ci­dal 7

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THE law is on Chito Nar­vasa’s side. A fact that is truer than June Mar Fa­jardo’s MVP reign in the just-ended PBA Sea­son 42.

Funny, but not even 7 of the 12 PBA mem­bers have the power to re­move Nar­vasa as PBA Com­mis­sioner.

They knew it—TNT, Mer­alco, NLEx, Alaska, Rain or Shine, Black­wa­ter and Phoenix. Yet, they tried — and they were but hum­bled, if not hu­mil­i­ated, by the 5 other mem­bers who blocked their oust-Nar­vasa ploy.

It mat­tered, of course, that Nar­vasa is a lawyer.

But even if one weren’t a lawyer, he will eas­ily un­der­stand the spirit of the PBA law: It needs 8 of the 12 PBA mem­bers to re­move a com­mis­sioner.

It is also the same law that can re­tain Nar­vasa as com­mis­sioner af­ter his term ex­pires in one year.

In short, 8 votes are needed to ei­ther re­tain or re­move Nar­vasa.

In the just-ended power strug­gle, San Miguel Beer, Gine­bra, Star, Glob­alPort and Kia were the 5 mem­bers who op­posed the 7 anti-Nar­vasa fac­tion.

It is easy to sift through the essence of the PBA law.

The com­mis­sioner is some­what shielded from the whims and caprices eas­ily af­forded by the power of a sim­ple ma­jor­ity: 7 of 12. At least it is harder to muster 8 votes in or­der to oust a com­mis­sioner.

But still and all, fir­ing a com­mis­sioner be­cause of a per­ceived sin of bias or some­thing is def­i­nitely send­ing the wrong sig­nal to the pub­lic. It gives the im­pres­sion of the PBA be­ing a weak foun­da­tion. Los­ing faith in some­one, re­sult­ing pri­mar­ily in a spur of the mo­ment out­burst, does not speak well of our so-called cap­tains of in­dus­try. Isn’t the com­mis­sioner sup­posed to em­body the bedrock of a solid in­sti­tu­tion?

At least the 5 pro-Nar­vasa bloc, for its level-head­ed­ness and for­ti­tude, showed us that all is not lost amid the din of men­tal clashes in the heat of the mo­ment.

There seems to be a mod­icum of a cease­fire now be­tween the op­pos­ing par­ties, thanks mainly to the Fan­tas­tic 5’s calm­ing ef­fect of ex­tend­ing the so-called olive branch on the Sui­ci­dal 7.

Next would be see­ing Nar­vasa join the PBA Plan­ning Trip to the US on Nov. 14?

Think pos­i­tive, fel­las. We are kids, no more.

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