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Is it true that the end jus­ti­fies the means? A ques­tion I try to de­ci­pher with the cur­rent dilemma our learn­ers are fac­ing since the birth of the K-12 cur­ricu­lum. There’s no doubt we’re sort of catch­ing up with our neigh­bors on this part of Asia in terms of this. No need to study an­other year or more to qual­ify for a cer­tain po­si­tion over­seas and we are said to be glob­ally com­pet­i­tive a year from now! But how about our learn­ers now?

Throw back time, a decade ago, teacher as­signed a group to re­port a par­tic­u­lar les­son and later will ask if they’re re­ally know the con­cepts taken from the topic. Rote method is al­ways been the tar­get strat­egy for this. Other sub­ject teacher will be do­ing the same rote method for the stu­dent to mas­ter what they’ve mem­o­rized about the given les­son on that day. The ed­u­ca­tor will then write the grade un­der per­for­mance and recita­tion hit­ting two birds in one stone so to speak.

Fast for­ward, teacher as­signed the class to group them­selves and given dif­fer­ent task ac­cord­ing to the pace each group can han­dle. Dif­fer­en­ti­ated in­struc­tion is the tar­get strat­egy. The K-12 men­tor will later write the grade un­der per­for­mance only and will need to rely on a rubrics for the in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the grade. The other sub­ject will also sup­port each per­for­mances us­ing rubrics to get their per­for­mance -based grade. An out­put that of­ten­times af­fect the per­for­mance of the learner as the hour passes by for their next one from the other sub­jects. It sac­ri­fices more of­ten than not the qual­ity since it’s quite tir­ing to do per­for­mances one af­ter the other on a daily ba­sis.

As an ed­u­ca­tor, we ad­vo­cate learn­ing new strate­gies and al­ways ready to em­brace chance with an open hand and heart. Need­less to say much but with the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion of our learn­ers, maybe let’s re­fine or should I say in­cor­po­rate our tra­di­tional learn­ing vis-à-vis with the per­for­mance based learn­ing . By this man­ner, Our learn­ers will again not only en­joy group ac­tiv­i­ties but will have lesser work but may gath­ered grades from two or even all of the needed com­po­nents to pass their sub­jects. And in that sce­nario learn­ers will be more in­spired to do all of those task given to them. Just say­ing…

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The au­thor is Mas­ter Teacher I (TLE) at San Pablo 2nd Na­tional High School

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