All-out-war for NPA

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IT SEEMS that all gun bar­rels are aimed at the Com­mu­nist Party of the Philip­pines (CPP) es­pe­cially its com­bat group, the New Peo­ple’s Army (NPA), and that would in­clude its po­lit­i­cal wing, the Na­tional Demo­cratic Front (NDF).

Pres­i­dent Digong makes in­fer­ence that it would be a real rum­ble… “no more talks” with the com­mu­nist group. Could this be an end to the peace talks, although Harry Roque (pres­i­den­tial spokesper­son) and Sil­vestre Bello (gov­ern­ment’s chief peace ne­go­tia­tor, also La­bor Sec­re­tary) are not clos­ing doors for the re­sump­tion of the talks? Mayor Sara Duterte of Davao is even bent on ask­ing for lo­cal­ized peace talks for the home-grown NPAs.

We all know that Pres­i­dent Digong is al­ways hav­ing “tongue slips” and “mind slips.” He would say a thing to­day that will change to­mor­row… just to un­dergo a mod­i­fi­ca­tion the day af­ter. He is a politi­cian and he can al­ways claim, “Only fools do not change their minds.” The Pres­i­dent would just want to prove some­thing. I am not a neu­rol­o­gist and I do not want to spec­u­late.

If this is go­ing to be an all-out-war, the Armed Forces of the Philip­pines has no choice but to obey an order. Our sol­diers did it in Marawi. There is no rea­son why they can­not do it in Can­doni. Our po­lice­men have a com­mit­ment to serve and pro­tect. They also ex­pect for a dou­ble salary in­crease. If they are wounded in ac­tion, they will be given new cell­phones in the hospi­tal cer­e­mony.

This all-out-war is painful and ex­pen­sive. If the “Marawi War For­mula” was con­sid­ered suc­cess­ful, then there is no rea­son why our Philip­pine Air­force will not bomb towns and cities oc­cu­pied by the rebels. In war, there are no he­roes… only vic­tims, the wounded, the dead, the wid­ows, those who lost their rel­a­tives, those whose houses were looted or burned, not count­ing the women who were raped by “ac­ci­dent,” or the chil­dren who were mis­taken as stray dogs.

In war, there is money be­cause the na­tions that man­u­fac­ture war ma­chines will sell their toys to our gov­ern­ment and our coun­try will be made a “killing field lab­o­ra­tory” with our peo­ple as “guinea pigs.” The priests, pas­tors, and min­is­ters can only pray that the in­no­cent souls claimed by war will go di­rect to heaven to see God, the Almighty Creator. God is not in a hurry to meet the vic­tims of war.

Be­fore our top of­fi­cials have been roasted by their pride, am­bi­tion, in­se­cu­rity, and po­lit­i­cal in­stincts… they have to con­vince Pres­i­dent Digong that the best demo­cratic op­tion is still to go back

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