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ARIES (March 21-April 19):

Your vi­sion of beauty is im­pos­si­ble to man­i­fest to­day be­cause your imag­i­na­tion is cre­at­ing a mi­rage. But as you get closer to the ob­ject of your de­sires -- whether its a per­son, place, thing or idea -- it fades, leav­ing a faint shadow of its prior glory in its place. Although you may be dis­ap­pointed when some­thing in the three-di­men­sional world doesnt match your ex­pec­ta­tions, you can still feel grat­i­tude for your cur­rent bless­ings. In­stead of har­bor­ing unattain­able il­lu­sions, its bet­ter in the long run to ac­knowl­edge whats real.

TAU­RUS (April 20-May 20):

Your com­mu­nity means so much to you to­day that you could lose track of your own needs. You ap­pre­ci­ate that you are a part of a larger so­cial net­work and you tend to be proud of your con­nec­tion to the group. Nev­er­the­less, you may be re­quired to mod­ify your think­ing once you dis­cover that some of your friends and as­so­ciates don't quite meet your ex­pec­ta­tions. Ul­ti­mately, its health­ier to know the truth even if its not as ideal as you ini­tially be­lieved. Thank­fully, a sin­gle thread of hope is still a very pow­er­ful force.

GEM­INI (May 21-June 20):

Your hopes are set on re­ceiv­ing recog­ni­tion to­day. How­ever, peo­ple dont re­ally un­der­stand your con­tri­bu­tion now, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for them to ap­pre­ci­ate your role in their suc­cess. In­stead of seek­ing ap­proval from your peers or your boss, con­sider the level of sat­is­fac­tion you feel af­ter a hard day of work. Rather than com­par­ing your ac­com­plish­ments to any­one elses, give your­self credit for any job well done. But dont rest on past lau­rels; think about where youve fallen short and how you can do even bet­ter to­mor­row.

CAN­CER (June 21-July 22):

Con­cen­trat­ing on work isnt easy to­day, es­pe­cially if your fan­tasies are car­ry­ing you off to ex­otic places. But dont mis­take your day­dreams for real plans as your mind runs free now, un­en­cum­bered from the prac­ti­cal­i­ties of the mun­dane world. Shar­ing your ideas with oth­ers can move you closer to mak­ing your dreams come true. Lis­ten care­fully to the feed­back and im­ple­ment the best ideas you re­ceive. Se­lec­tive fil­ter­ing en­ables you to turn an im­pos­si­ble sce­nario into a reach­able goal.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22):

You are en­chanted by those things that are be­yond the five senses to­day. You want to see whats be­hind the cur­tain but might be afraid youll learn that the Wizard of Oz is just a mere mor­tal. You could ac­tu­ally choose to stop search­ing be­fore you dis­cover that the mys­tery isnt as spe­cial as you imag­ined. Nev­er­the­less, you wont be happy now un­til your cu­rios­ity is sat­is­fied. Sadly, read­just­ing to the truth is more prac­ti­cal than to go on liv­ing in your bub­ble of il­lu­sion.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22):

Iron­i­cally, fall­ing in love with some­one to­day is eas­ier if you dont know the per­son very well. Your mind can con­jure up a vi­sion of per­fec­tion that is based on a nonat­tain­able ro­man­tic il­lu­sion as long as facts dont get in the way. Nev­er­the­less, pur­su­ing the dream may be a lovely dis­trac­tion from the nor­mal drudgery of your reg­u­lar rou­tine. How­ever, the ac­tual man­i­fes­ta­tion of your fan­tasies will likely be a dis­ap­point­ment when com­pared to your ini­tial hopes. Philoso­pher Ge­orge San­tayana wrote, Wis­dom comes by disil­lu­sion­ment.

LI­BRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):

Ad­her­ing to a sched­ule to­day seems like a fools er­rand, yet that wont likely stop you from try­ing. But you might reach a point of frus­tra­tion when youre ready to throw in the towel and walk away from your plans. How­ever, you're closer to your goal now than you re­al­ize. Giv­ing up is a bad idea be­cause your dis­cour­age­ment is only tran­si­tory. Pro­ceed­ing on your cho­sen path could feel painstak­ingly slow, but you may be hap­pily sur­prised when you see the progress you made by the end of the day.

SCOR­PIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21):

You ap­pear to have an in­fi­nite well of cre­ativ­ity to­day, yet you might not know how to best put it to use. If youre ar­tis­ti­cally in­clined, set aside some time to chan­nel your in­ner world into some­thing tan­gi­ble. How­ever, any sort of self-ex­pres­sion is mag­ni­fied now, whether or not you turn it into a prod­uct of sub­stance. Just be sure that you move be­yond the repet­i­tive rou­tine of your daily grind by shar­ing your dreams with some­one spe­cial, lis­ten­ing to your fa­vorite mu­sic or los­ing your­self into a movie that ex­cites your imag­i­na­tion. In­spi­ra­tion is ev­ery­where.

SAGIT­TAR­IUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21):

When you nos­tal­gi­cally re­con­struct your past to­day, youre likely to rec­ol­lect events very dif­fer­ently than as they ac­tu­ally oc­curred. Your sub­con­scious is in the state of cre­ation now, and the im­ages and feel­ings that flow forth are in­flu­enc­ing how your brain in­ter­prets your mem­o­ries. How­ever, dwelling on years gone by is not pro­duc­tive un­less you bring the old thoughts and feel­ings into the present mo­ment, so you can gain a new per­spec­tive on your per­sonal his­tory. Look­ing back is most use­ful when you also look ahead.

CAPRI­CORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19):

Putting newly found in­for­ma­tion into per­spec­tive can be tricky to­day, be­cause its nearly im­pos­si­ble to dis­cern whats real from whats imag­ined. Your mind is happy to process all the data, whether it comes di­rectly from sen­sory in­put or bub­bles up from the hid­den realms of your sub­con­scious. Nor­mally, your clar­ity en­ables you to de­ter­mine your best route for­ward; un­for­tu­nately, you may feel as if youre fly­ing blind now. En­joy­ing the fruits of your imag­i­na­tion is pos­si­ble if you tem­po­rar­ily sus­pend your at­tempts to make mea­sur­able progress. Not all those who wan­der are lost.

AQUAR­IUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18):

Your process may feel like a roller coaster ride to­day, but its more gen­tle than scary. Your self-es­teem rises and falls as peo­ple react to your ideas. They might judge you harshly when your vi­sions are overly ide­al­is­tic, caus­ing you to doubt your be­liefs. But they sup­port your plans when you are more prag­matic, which builds your self-con­fi­dence. Although these changes are not very abrupt, you pre­fer more sta­bil­ity now. For­tu­nately, you can main­tain an even keel by tem­po­rar­ily de­tach­ing your­self from the feed­back loop. Fol­low your in­stincts and you can't go wrong.

PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar 20):

Your imag­i­na­tion can take you on a wild goose chase to­day, en­cour­ag­ing you to head out one way only to be­lat­edly re­al­ize that its not the right di­rec­tion. No mat­ter how many times you cor­rect your path, youre still not cer­tain that your aim is cor­rect. Mi­nor con­fu­sion could grow into se­ri­ous con­cern if you turn your­self around one too many times. How­ever, your tra­jec­tory may be less im­por­tant than your at­ti­tude. Para­dox­i­cally, once you stop worrying about reach­ing your des­ti­na­tion, you might just dis­cover that you are al­ready there.

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