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It is al­most five years since K-12 pro­gram was im­ple­mented in our coun­try. We might not feel it but, this re­mod­eled ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem prom­ises ben­e­fits and will give suc­cess to the Philip­pines. Our coun­try was highly in need of some­thing that could change its poor sta­tus. Philip­pines is striv­ing hard to get off the list of the Third World coun­tries and cre­ate a big progress for its peo­ple. Ed­u­ca­tion is the coun­try’s way out ticket. K-12 pro­gram is the hope for tran­scend­ing Philip­pines.

Im­prov­ing the hu­man re­sources— that is the main goal of the K-12 Pro­gram. Makes sense since for a coun­try to be pro­duc­tive, the peo­ple must learn how to be. This ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem will pro­duce trained, skilled, and in­tel­lect cit­i­zens. It will ben­e­fit us; it will ben­e­fit the coun­try. DepEd stated that this sys­tem will strengthen the early child­hood ed­u­ca­tion. It will build a strong foun­da­tion on how to study well and will pro­vide ef­fec­tive ac­tiv­i­ties for the stu­dents. The spi­ral teach­ing strat­egy will de­velop the skills of the learn­ers and en­sure the pro­gres­sive giv­ing of knowl­edge. From the sim­plest con­cepts in ele­men­tary up to more com­plex ideas and lessons in high school will help the stu­dents to have a wider knowl­edge and be­come more aca­dem­i­cally com­pe­tent.

Aside from in­creas­ing the lit­er­acy rate and widen­ing the knowl­edge of the stu­dents, the K-12 ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem also pre­pares the stu­dents in their col­lege and adult­hood. The newly added se­nior high school will help the stu­dents in build­ing a solid foun­da­tion on what they need in col­lege through teach­ing gen­eral and spe­cial­ized sub­jects. Sev­eral crit­ics said that the grad­u­ates of se­nior high school will be more ca­pa­ble in col­lege and ready in higher form of ed­u­ca­tion. The age of ev­ery stu­dent will also be more suit­able as a worker after he/ she com­pleted col­lege.

K-12 pro­gram will gen­er­ate lan­guage ef­fi­cient cit­i­zens by teach­ing Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Ed­u­ca­tion (MTB-MLE) and im­prov­ing the stu­dent’s Filipino and English flu­ency. MTB-MLE helps the stu­dents in keep­ing in touch to their mother tongue lan­guage. Ba­hasa Sug, Bikol, Ce­buano, Chaba­cano, Hili­gaynon, Iloko, Kapampangan, Maguin­danaoan, Mer­anao, Pan­gasi­nense, Ta­ga­log, and Waray will be taught in cer­tain re­gions and places ac­cord­ing to their mother tongue. After the first half of ele­men­tary, the stu­dents will be sub­jected in im­mense Filipino and English classes to im­prove their oral and writ­ing flu­ency. In this man­ner, the stu­dents will be­come lo­cally out­stand­ing and glob­ally com­pe­tent. Lan­guage can break any­thing and as long a per­son canadapt,he/shecan­shine.

These are some of the ben­e­fits of K-12 pro­gram. We are about to see more. How­ever, we must not slack off and rely too much on the govern­ment. All cit­i­zens should co­op­er­ate and work hard in ac­com­plish­ing the na­tion’s goal. No mat­ter how per­sua­sive the govern­ment will be, if the cit­i­zens won’t com­ply with, ev­ery­thing will be­come use­less. Let’s use ed­u­ca­tion ef­fi­ciently and carry our hope.

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The author is Teacher III at Sin­dalan Ele­men­tary School

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