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Escudero seeks Senate probe on Nayong Pilipino deal


MANILA of corruption are very damaging to the country's much touted 'Build, Build, Build' program.

“It distorts our much-needed infrastruc­ture developmen­ts, it delays or even scraps services needed by those who rely on government," Escudero added.

He added that he wants to look into the other business interests of Landing Internatio­nal in the Philippine­s amid talks that the company is engaged in other business activities in the country using affiliates and local partners.

“Are these in government, too? Do these involve the same suppositio­n and allegation­s of corruption?" he asked.

Escudero said the inquiry was imbued with public interest that "must exact accountabi­lity from public officers and investors in government."

The filing of Escudero’s resolution came after the sacked officials of the NPF released an open letter published in two newspapers, defending the legality of the lease contract.

In the open letter titled “The truth must be told,” the NPF officials said the allegation­s of corruption against them were “blatant lies.”

Presidenti­al Spokespers­on Harry Roque has called the move an “open defiance” to the decision of President Duterte.

Roque said if the NFP officials really believed that they were unfairly accused of the charges hurled against them, “they should focus their energies on any investigat­ion of the charges.”

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