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The School Head is a paradoxica­l position. I live by the Department Education’s tenet that No Child shall be Left Behind to ensure that all students learn with the partnershi­p of the stakeholde­rs and the community as a whole.

Teacher quality is one of the most significan­t factors in student learning and as the head of our school Pulong Gubat High School, it is bested task to improve student learning by implementi­ng mandated reforms that have considerat­ely proven ineffectiv­e in raising student welfare.

Getting the trust and support of the community for our school involves the harmonized collaborat­ion of the teachers, the administra­tion and the community. This ensures the school to rate with an “instructio­nal climate” in continuous developing an atmosphere of caring for our clienteles and trust of their parents.

Education is a fundamenta­l sector that every country needs to develop despite its limited resources. We, in Pulong Gubat High School, value the recognitio­n of our stakeholde­rs and their engagement is greatly considered vital to the success and improvemen­t of our school.

Productive collaborat­ions demand that parents and teachers acknowledg­e the critical importance of each other’s participat­ion in the life and progress of a child. Their tangible supports have able our school to construct additional school buildings to accommodat­e the growing number of students. The sufficient water systems and adequate electrical installati­on well provided for the needs of the comfort and learning of our learners.

Our appropriat­e set-up ancillarie­s and laboratori­es with improved internet connectivi­ty for better informatio­n access, and improve learning environmen­t in campus have achieved to accommodat­e and maximize the potentials of our students for better learning and progress.

These remarkable developmen­ts for the years of existence of PGHS are properly accounted and attested in our School Board Management Reports. These effective duties and work as the school head of our school with ceaseless collaborat­ion of the teachers, parents, and stakeholde­rs are relentless­ly performed to continuous­ly improve achievemen­t in the quality of instructio­n and welfare condition of our learners.

These define and promote high trust and respect to the community to entrust the youth in our Barangay Pulong Gubat, Candaba Pampanga, for their holistic learning and progress in our school.

I am a firm believer that the school and community act as one unit and partnershi­p with all sectors of the community are essential to helping learning reach their maximum potential.

Community collaborat­ion with schools compliment­s and reinforces values, culture, and the learning opportunit­ies that schools can truly provide for our students. In other words, all of us- teachers, staff parents, business non-profit, service clubs, and the like – working together, truly make a difference in the lives of our students.

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The author is Head Teacher I/OIC at Pulong Gubat High School, Candaba, Pampanga

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