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Man by nature is the most intelligen­t creature. He possesses the gift of understand­ing and wisdom which serve as his capital in coping up with what this challengin­g world brings. Being so blessed, he has the freedom to do, think and say whatever he wants. Moreover, he is the steward of his life. He can manage his activities and has control over these. Having all these makes him the BIG BOSS of his own life as he wants. Gifted with all of these, he is truly very fortunate more than anything else in this society.

Despite all these good things given to man, still, there are many complains heard from him. When he experience­s difficulti­es or trials in life, he tended to react negatively and feel so bad about it. Oftentimes, he forgets to count his blessings and tends to focus more on the hardship he faces. This is actually the saddest part in man’s life; having self-pity and treating life in a negative way. For whatever is given unto him, it is indeed very true that man is the luckiest creature here on earth. All these gifts from God are given for free but man should never forget the responsibi­lities that are being bestowed upon him over all these. He is accountabl­e for all his deeds, thoughts and words. If he hurt others, if he suffers in life, if he does not become successful or if he fails, there is no one to blame except him. Being the driver of his own life, he must know the right direction where he should pass. He should know how to face those thorny roads along his journey. He needs to be tough and must not give up because life is not always a bed of roses. Problems in life are like just spices, they add savor to our living and once you win over them, the more you will experience its sweetness.

There are many why’s that comes in a man’s thought whenever something bad happens. This is natural because he is a human being, however, if he lives with all these why’s without analyzing the root then his life will really be miserable. Neverthele­ss, if he tries to think more deeply and evaluate what went wrong, identifyin­g the causes why there are negative effects then a man can limit nor stop asking many why’s in his life. He has to put his faith in God and continue being optimistic rather than pessimisti­c. This will help him a lot to have a healthy, happy and peaceful living.

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The author is Teacher III at Guemasan Elementary School, Arayat, Pampanga

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