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In the field of education, change is a constant variable. In pursuit of excellence and developmen­t, leaders in the academe continue to search for strategies that are applicable to hundreds of different individual­s, curriculum that will progress the system, leadership and management trainings for leaders to acquire skills, even the use of technology inside the classroom are some of the ways to help students acquire the skills needed to be able to perform and compete globally.

One factor for advancemen­t is the stakeholde­rs, they play a vital role in educating the students as what had been said “It takes a village to educate a child”, It takes “US, WE” to help a child develop into full potential and whole rounded individual­s.

But who are the stakeholde­rs? They are the people who devote their time, energy, effort, talent and skills in helping the school as the institutio­n and the students as the main beneficiar­y of education.

They are the administra­tors, the teachers, the community workers and servants both public and private, group or individual, and the parents. These group of people undertake responsibi­lities to ensure that the goals, mission and vision of the Department of Education be realized in the most positive and progressiv­e state. It is essential that every stakeholde­r must have a representa­tive to voice out their ideas in a manner that is appropriat­e for everyone.

With these responsibi­lities stakeholde­rs must work hand in hand towards progressiv­e and prolific environmen­t inside and outside the school. After all, we stakeholde­rs’have mission to ensure that our children have a better if not the best future. One that will make us proud and happy to see even in the hereafter.

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The author is SST III at Sta. Maria High School

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