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WITH­OUT gen­uine po­lit­i­cal par­ties, the Philip­pine elec­tion scene be­comes one big glit­ter of a mas­quer­ade party. It’s lit­er­ally a free-for-all for a mot­ley lot of in­di­vid­u­als wear­ing the mask of pa­tri­ots want­ing to serve the Filipino peo­ple when deep down where it counts all they want is cap­ture power and its twin prog­e­nies of wealth and priv­i­lege.

The scene is a spir­ited ef­fu­sion of hon­eyed prom­ises dis­guised some­what as pro­grams that can­di­dates know have lit­tle chance of be­ing im­ple­mented be­cause only a united gov­ern­ment can im­ple­ment pro­grams and not sweet-talk­ing in­di­vid­u­als no mat­ter how qual­i­fied.

Look what hap­pened to Leni Ro­bredo’s promised pro­grams when she ran for vice pres­i­dent. She has since found a way of ex­cus­ing her­self from im­ple­ment­ing them by opt­ing out of the gov­ern­ment that peo­ple have man­dated her to be part of as vice pres­i­dent.

Or look at Grace Poe’s 20-point pro­gram. They were more like the wishes of an op­pressed elec­torate that she con­verted into prom­ises that she very well knew she could not ful­fill be­cause she would have to deal with gov­ern­ment agen­cies not fully un­der her con­trol even as pres­i­dent. Look what Duterte has to put up with in try­ing to ful­fill his prom­ises.

Only au­then­tic po­lit­i­cal par­ties can rally a gov­ern­ment around a ra­tio­nal­ized and well laid out pro­gram of gov­ern­ment. In­di­vid­u­als will al­ways go for short-term projects or, what is even worse, for un­re­lated ac­tiv­i­ties that they think will help se­cure a re-elec­tion. In­di­vid­u­als will also be cor­rupt in or­der to re­cover the pri­vate money they used for their elec­tion. Au­then­tic po­lit­i­cal par­ties are pub­lic in­sti­tu­tions whose ac­tiv­i­ties, in­clud­ing elec­tion cam­paigns, are funded by the gov­ern­ment. Also, ma­ture po­lit­i­cal par­ties can pre­vent cor­rup­tion with their in­ter­nal code of dis­ci­pline.

If one ex­am­ined closely the so­called plat­forms of gov­ern­ment of to­day’s can­di­dates, one should no­tice that the lat­ter are promis­ing the same pack­age ex­cept that it is de­liv­ered in a va­ri­ety of at­trac­tive gift wraps (masks?).

With­out gen­uine po­lit­i­cal par­ties all cam­paign­ing is purely for the sake of get­ting votes.

How much longer will we put up with this mas­quer­ade? Not un­til we stop vot­ing for the whims and caprices of in­di­vid­u­als and shift to the vi­sion and phi­los­o­phy of gen­uine po­lit­i­cal par­ties.

Only then will can­di­dates be un­masked and elec­tions cease to be a cheesy mas­quer­ade party.

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