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In this era of tech­nol­ogy, al­most ev­ery­body has a mo­bile phone talk­ing not just a sin­gle phone on their hand but mul­ti­ples of them. This has be­come a trend since the in­tro­duc­tion of cel­lu­lar phones es­pe­cially in re­la­tion to the dif­fer­ent brands start­ing from the ex­pen­sive ones as high qual­ity prod­ucts to the atleast-i-have-aphone as long as it can be con­nected through wifi or mo­bile data for so­cial me­dia per se’. With the rapid growth and ad­vance­ment in tech­nol­ogy, so­cial me­dia has de­vel­oped greatly reach­ing far wide even through the ends of the earth in­volv­ing not only the techi peo­ple and mil­lenials but even the na­tives. Peo­ple all over the world are be­ing con­nected through so­cial tech­nol­ogy dis­re­gard­ing the bar­rier of so­cial dis­crim­i­na­tion and have be­come open for friend­ship and even last­ing re­la­tion­ships. Look­ing at the sit­u­a­tion nowa­days, I be­lieve so­cial tech­nol­ogy has more ad­van­tages com­pared to the dis­ad­van­tages. The con­nec­tion tech­nol­ogy gives paved way to ef­fec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion all over the world for fam­ily mem­bers es­pe­cially those ex­pe­ri­enc­ing home­sick­ness. En­joy­ing in the high­est form the ben­e­fits of so­cial me­dia is an un­der­state­ment. It has al­most be­come a part of our daily rou­tine. Hold­ing on a gadget would mean a per­son is al­ready tech­nol­ogy-ready and able to face the world be­cause in just a click of a fin­ger, one can sur­pris­ingly gather in­for­ma­tion more than he or she can han­dle. So­cial tech­nol­ogy has reached al­most ev­ery in­di­vid­ual in the world even those that don’t have the ways and means but those who have, they are us­ing tech­nol­ogy to do so to civ­i­lize the un­civ­i­lized. In this way, we can say that the fu­ture is re­ally is the age of tech­nol­ogy. May this spe­cial gift thing be used to help al­le­vi­ate the lives of ev­ery in­di­vid­ual not only ing a spe­cific place but all over the world.

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