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A few days from now it will be Christ­mas. As in other years, the mood is jolly and fes­tive, with work­ers in the pri­vate or gov­ern­ment sec­tor get­ting their bonuses and other priv­i­leges, usu­ally mon­e­tary in form. In­deed, this is the most awaited month of the year for a lit­tle eco­nomic lux­ury.

It is also in this time of the year when statis­tics prove that there is the surge in street crimes par­tic­u­larly swin­dling, theft and rob­bery cases. Crim­i­nals might be an­tic­i­pat­ing the roll of money on peo­ple who might have filled their pock­ets with their perks from their em­ploy­ers.

Re­cently we can ob­served that there are many night mar­kets and other forms of tiangges in pub­lic places, these aside from the malls, are crowd draw­ers dur­ing the sea­son. Peo­ple are all agog shop­ping and buy­ing any­thing for Christ­mas. A num­ber of hold-up­pers, snatch­ers, pick­pock­ets and the like thrive in crowded places.

Just a week ago, a house­wife neigh­bor of ours got her purse snatched by a crim­i­nal whom she de­scribed to be a boy in his teens and who seemed to be adept with the crime he com­mit­ted. Prior to the in­ci­dent, the vic­tim was dis­tracted by a bo­gus com­mo­tion of peo­ple who are per­haps are ac­com­plices of the snat cher.

In some crowded places, pick­pock­ets eas­ily do their stuff with their vic­tims some­what hyp­no­tized. Per­pe­tra­tors seem to have a hand quicker than the eyes and the minds of their vic­tims that they eas­ily get what they want from bags or pock­ets of their help­less pr ey.

There are like­wise ‘bu­dol-bu­dol’ in­ci­dents wherein a busi­ness­woman was per­suaded by two peo­ple who ex­tracted money from the vic­tim who was lured for an in­vest­ment scheme. The bait were pieces of money which turned out to be cut pages of mag­a­zines that looked like bun­dles of bills.

Car­nap­ping is also preva­lent dur­ing which peo­ple flock to malls and be­lieve it or not de­spite the pres­ence of se­cu­rity guards in park­ing lots, car thieves can still per­pe­trate their act s.

In a po­lice re­port, rob­bers emp­tied the house of a fam­ily who went on a tour in Bo­ra­cay. The crim­i­nals posed as vis­i­tors of the dwelling and even parked their heav­ily tinted van in the garage. They switched on the ra­dio of their ve­hi­cle with the ap­par­ent in­tent to make the neigh­bors un­sus­pect­ing of their crim­i­nal acts.

The rob­bers, us­ing pick­locks, didn’t even have to use force to open doors, cab­i­nets and draw­ers of the house they robbed. The re­f­ri­gi­ra­tor was not even spared of the thiev­ery as the crim­i­nals even got food from it and had their snacks.

Many peo­ple need money dur­ing the sea­son. Sadly, there are those who would do ev­ery­thing even it if means com­mit­ting il­le­gal acts just to have their in­tent to gain re­al­ized. Of­ten, vic­tims are those who have toiled to have their hard­earned money spent for their needs.

In this time of the year when peo­ple spent so much of their earn­ings buy­ing some­thing for them­selves or for oth­ers as gifts, we may say that they be­ware in their buy­ing and pur­chas­ing of any­thing for Christ­mas. How­ever, we should like­wise be care­ful and mind­ful too of the var­i­ous modus of crim­i­nals who are get­ting smarter in vic­tim­iz­ing peo­ple.


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