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Ed­u­ca­tion: A Pur­po­sive In­stru­ment of Bal­ance and Growth

Can you think of the rea­son why you are born? How about why the air, land, and wa­ter were made? And why there is life when there will be death?

I bet you al­ready knew that these ques­tions are per­tain­ing on pur­pose. Surely, ev­ery­thing that was born is born with a pur­pose; ev­ery­thing that was made was made also for a pur­pose; and ev­ery­thing that is hap­pen­ing has its pur­pose. Well, as some­one con­tin­ues to live, it is all about the pur­pose.

Have you ever won­dered why it is es­sen­tial for some­one to study and in­ves­ti­gate? Will not in­ves­ti­gat­ing af­fect you that much? Well, Martin Luther King also thought of the pur­pose of ed­u­ca­tion at the age of 18. While, tack­ling the pur­pose of it he also em­pha­sized its im­por­tance.

He wrote an opin­ion col­umn for the cam­pus news­pa­per at More­house Col­lege on the sub­ject. Nei­ther he nor any­one else could have known that 17 years later he would be pen­ning a No­bel Peace Prize ac­cep­tance speech and, five years af­ter that, the world would be mourn­ing his un­timely death.

Af­ter a long time, still ed­u­ca­tion is some­thing to talk about. Ev­ery­one is still in the process of fig­ur­ing out what is the im­por­tance of ed­u­ca­tion on their lives ahd why to im­prove the sys­tem of ed­u­ca­tion?

“It seems to me that ed­u­ca­tion has a two-fold func­tion to per­form in the life of man and in so­ci­ety: the one is util­ity and the other is cul­ture.” He said. “Ed­u­ca­tion must en­able a man to be­come more ef­fi­cient, to achieve with in­creas­ing fa­cil­ity the lig­iti­mate goals of his life.”

He ex­plained that ed­u­ca­tion is ex­pected to con­trib­ute to the growth of some­one. It should be the way to­wards that “lig­iti­mate goals”. But, now, ed­u­ca­tion is just for com­pli­ance. It is all about do­ing it for your par­ents not to dis­ap­point them. Do­ing it be­cause they say it is for your good. It is sup­posed to con­trib­ute but it seems to be a bur­den for those half-closed eyes.

King also fig­ured out that one will be quick, res­o­lute, and ef­fec­tive thinker by means of the process of im­part­ing knowl­edge and self-learn­ing. He also op­posed those ma­jor­ity of peo­ple self-claim­ing to be ed­u­cated. He said that these do not think log­i­cally and sci­en­tif­i­cally.

“Ed­u­ca­tion must en­able one to sift and weigh ev­i­dence, to dis­cern the true from the false, the real from the un­real, and the facts from the fic­tion.” The im­por­tance of bal­ance must be also taught based on King which is done ac­cord­ingly. But, mas­sive of the youth do not re­al­ize that there is wrong with their bal­ance. They tend to weigh things based on their sin­gle look. This is some­thing that is in need of fo­cus, teach­ing stu­dents to weigh prop­erly.

“In­tel­li­gence plus char­ac­ter–that is the goal of true ed­u­ca­tion. The com­plete ed­u­ca­tion gives one not only power of con­cen­tra­tion, but wor­thy ob­jec­tives upon which to con­cen­trate.” You, yes the youth, in­tel­li­gence is not in­tel­li­gence with­out the char­ac­ter, or the ap­pre­ci­a­tion to ed­u­ca­tion it­self. You can­not at­tain the true essence of ed­u­ca­tion with­out com­bin­ing the bal­ance and growth by in­tel­li­gence and char­ac­ter. If you think you’ve known the pu­pose of ed­u­ca­tion, think twice. If you think of at­tend­ing for a pur­pose, think of the goals you want to pur­sue to achieve what you need and want to pro­cure for your fu­ture.

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The author is Teacher 1 at Ca­machiles Na­tional High School

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