Learn be­fore you start up: The most hon­est ad­vice I can give Gen Z

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I get a lot of emails and di­rect mes­sages (DMs) from so called “teenage en­trepreneurs”— the young prodi­gies of our gen­er­a­tion.

Wow! It’s in­sanely great and in­spir­ing— — hav­ing the drive to build a com­pany and a per­sonal brand at a young age should cer­tainly be com­mended.

But when they ask me for my ad­vice, when they ask what they should be do­ing as 15, 16, 17 year olds, I al­ways feel like a tool.

What I ac­tu­ally want you guys to do is to shrug off the pres­sure of be­ing ‘founders’ and ac­tu­ally start learn­ing. Re­mem­ber, slow and steady win the race.

The real world is more than just the ti­tle we place on our so­cial me­dia bio. Sure, plac­ing “CEO and Founder” is a trend to­day but I would rather use these years in my life to learn as much as I can, way be­fore I kick off a start-up. Sounds mean, right?

Well be­cause to me, build­ing a pas­sion-based busi­ness is like be­ing any­thing else. You have to lean the right skills, know how to make them rel­e­vant, and then strike out on your own.

Build­ing your own busi­ness idea in­volves blood, trial and er­ror— but you’ll make a lot less mis­takes if you can learn them while work­ing pro­fes­sion­ally.

There are al­ways go­ing to be young hus­tlers and in­flu­encers whom you can look up to. The Zucker­bergs of the world who started com­pa­nies as teenagers and went on to be bil­lion­aires. That’s great. Good for them. But they’re the ex­cep­tion, and not the rule.

Re­mem­ber, even Steve Jobs worked for Atari be­fore he founded Ap­ple.

Ex­pe­ri­ence is im­por­tant. When you’re a teenager, when you’re a young founder with no real world, real job knowl­edge, you can start a com­pany. It’s not too hard.

Where you’re go­ing to stum­ble into some tough rut is when you try to run that com­pany. And the best way to learn how to run a com­pany is to work for some­one who’s al­ready do­ing that.


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