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...Without U, Suc­cess would not be com­plete...

“SUC­CESS all de­pends on the sec­ond let­ter.” This is a cliché that has been present in most of the class­rooms. It was first day of the class when I saw this stu­dent’s re­ac­tion about the logic of this quo­ta­tion. She was really amazed. As I re­mem­bered, she even told her friends about the quote. She re­mains smil­ing look­ing at the pieces of pa­pers cut out into let­ters and pasted on the wall. The hope and dream is seen on her eyes, think­ing of some­thing amaz­ing and beau­ti­ful.

It was my tra­di­tion putting up quo­ta­tions in­side the class­room of my ad­vi­sory class. I don’t know but I think through these words cut from a paper or printed they might be mo­ti­vated and di­rected to­wards their dreams. I am also fan of these quo­ta­tions be­cause they are only words, phrases, or sen­tences but they mean a lot and they have dif­fer­ent mean­ings depend­ing upon the reader. It’s like life, it might look the same as other’s at first glance but we all have our dif­fer­ent sto­ries be­hind our ap­pear­ances. We might be liv­ing the same kind of life sta­tus but we lived each uniquely and dif­fer­ent in many ways. And just like quo­ta­tions that have dif­fer­ent in­ter­pre­ta­tions, we also have dis­tinct per­spec­tive and out­look in what is hap­pen­ing our lives. We tend to see sit­u­a­tions dif­fer­ently. Oth­ers can see pos­i­tive things on neg­a­tives, oth­ers can turn tragedy to vic­tory, and oth­ers can even re­write the story bet­ter than be­fore. It all de­pends on how we move and place things.

Fate will not stop throw­ing us tests and strug­gles. It wants us to learn more each time we face one. Some peo­ple tend to pause for a while, it is not bad to do so, but re­main mo­ti­vated and in­spired for you not to stop the fire you’ve ig­nited at first. Re­mem­ber, it is al­ways your choice if you will stop. It is not the peo­ple who stepped on your rep­u­ta­tion or the ones who boosted your con­fi­dence. It is you! That is what life wants us to re­al­ize. That our des­tiny and fate de­pends upon us and not any­thing. Not those lucky charms, not those peo­ple, and not those sce­nar­ios. It is and al­ways be us, you.

But never for­get that there will be no you without hav­ing Him first. He cre­ated the you that is ex­ist­ing now. Never for­get that, yes, you worked for that suc­cess, but there is Him who sup­ported and started all of these. God was never been wrong, prove that! You was made for your choice of suc­cess.

As Bo Ben­nett once said, “suc­cess is not what you have, but who you are.” You suc­cess will be de­fined by you and it all de­pends on you. So go out and made out the best on all things be­cause without you and You suc­cess would be in­com­plete!

— oOo—

The au­thor is Teacher I at Ca­machiles Na­tional High School

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