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doubt, we, your bish­ops and priests have our own shares of fail­ures and short­com­ings as well.” This is an ad­mis­sion and it should feel right. The only thing I dis­like in this sen­tence is putting the words “like the lead­ers and mem­bers of any other hu­man institution...” I be­lieve the Church is not like any other institution.

On il­le­gal drugs, the CBCP clar­i­fied, “we are not against the government’s ef­forts to fight il­le­gal drugs. It was when we started hear­ing of mostly poor peo­ple be­ing bru­tally mur­dered o mere sus­pi­cion of be­ing small­time drug users and ped­dlers while the big time smug­glers and drug lords went scot-free, that we started won­der­ing about the di­rec­tion this ‘drug war’ was tak­ing. We have a solemn duty to de­fend our flock.”

The dig­nity of hu­man be­ing teaches that “no hu­man be­ing in this world de­serves to be treated as “non­hu­man.” On the low­er­ing of age for crim­i­nal li­a­bil­ity, “Chil­dren who get in­volved in crimes es­pe­cially those be­ing used do not de­serve to be treated as crim­i­nals; they are vic­tims that need to be res­cued. We beg our coun­try’s leg­is­la­tors to give the bills they are draft­ing some se­ri­ous think­ing...” It is clear the Church dis­agrees low­er­ing the age of crim­i­nal li­a­bil­ity.

To con­clude, the state­ment says that “As mem­bers of God’s flock, we must learn to be brave, to stick to­gether, and look after one an­other. This is the mo­ment to be strong, wise, com­mit­ted and a teach­ing mo­ment to re­learn what it means to be a Catholic Chris­tian at this time. The tone of the let­ter, in my view, is like a mother telling her chil­dren to calm down and think like Mary tak­ing all the words to her­self, pon­der­ing over them.

The faith­ful are en­joined to pray and be calm in the midst of crit­i­cisms and at­tacks even though they pierce the heart. No hate, re­venge, re­tal­i­a­tion or what­so­ever. Keep silent and pray.

The Church has spo­ken. Let it be heard and obeyed by the faith­ful for the peace of hu­mankind and for the glory of God.---Sher­win

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