With the seem­ingly never end­ing hol­i­day sea­son, now over and with fickle smile, politi­cians try­ing to pen­e­trate in the school vivin­ity so work­ing life is turn­ing back to nor­mal rou­tine. How­ever, amus­ing on what to dis­cuss on Fe­bru­ary by not too much touch­ing hearts, flow­ers and choco­lates, a bit struck by know­ing this month is short, well let Love pre­vail!

In­trigued as to why Fe­bru­ary was cho­sen rather than any other month, then, re­call the Chi­nese New year and the tele-view of the Spring aura into open­ing the melan­cholic craze sig­ni­fy­ing the greet­ings over me­dia and pasted cards on the school car­i­ca­ture!

"The month that had spent last 100 words or so ma­ligns the fact of zany, whaky hol­i­days makes Fe­bru­ary 1,kinda, ser­pent charm­ers' day! That Robin­son Cru­soe day, ring­ing to the ears, nice to com­mem­o­rate, even though you don't re­ally know him!"

First, L_Link to Fe­bru­ary 7.Link lively wave fin­gers to school ad­min­is­tra­tor so you might be equally paid off a rather as­sure glance.

Sec­ond,O_Over blame day Fe­bru­ary 13. Overblame the team?( Don't do it!) Over­come the nui­sance idea of ru­in­ing the team who gets at­ten­tion to the naive fresh­men.

Third, V_ Very heart­felt day, Fe­bru­ary 14. View per sey,visa-vis pas­sion­ate ex­change of texts and dec­o­ra­tive cupid hearts cards to the Ju­niors and Se­niors and can­didly to all fac­ulty staffs! Very Amaz­ing!

Fourth, E_En­reach­ing day, Fe­bru­ary 19. En­reach­ing the choco­late mint giv­ing day dra­mat­i­cally. Con­sider it jolly! Vi­ably fas­ci­nat­ing!

Hand in hand, in and out school com­mu­nity with all these quirky im­pres­sions, you likely de­sign a Guru's per­spec­tive, a green school and a white home! Just on Fe­bru­ary, Teach­ers mile away the ini­ti­at­ing of project of the ec­cen­tric can­vasses of beasts and me­dieval Knights. Likely, a day for rank­ing men­tors a pet­ri­fied move to mak­ing sure a good look at the in- dept of­fice con­cepts spe­cial fea­ture on off-the wall style, how the home of­fice would not look bor­ing a mun­dane space.

On the school quad­ran­gle, in­front, there maybe a change of idea to lessen the quirkier float­ing struc­tures. Heart­ing-hope is not gone. The level of unity in the school in­dus­try is fas­tened by serv­ing break­fast on such oc­ca­sion. Events pro­vide this warmth into qual­ity bond­ing. If you want Fe­bru­ary shin­ning and in­ter­est­ing it­self, re­mem­ber to cel­e­brate Fe­bru­ary 23, the In­ter­na­tional Dog Bis­cuit Ap­pre­ci­a­tion Day.


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