Iho­lesstill re­mem­ber when I was a kid, I love play­ing sand, build­ing cas­tles and dig­ging for traps. Play­ing hide and sick, “tum­bang preso” and ba­lik bayan. Oh! How I miss the days of yes­ter­day. The day when I first met my friend “Chang”. Let me in­tro­duce him. He is a friend of mine, he is smart, and he is easy to be with and is al­ways there when you need him. He is al­ways open on ev­ery­thing, but some­times, some peo­ple did not re­spect him, they abuse him for what he has. By the way, his full name is Juan A. Change. And I would like you to read his story.

Start­ing when he was a kid, he is be­ing used by many. He is well-known for his con­tri­bu­tions in sci­ence, tech­nol­ogy and ed­u­ca­tion. He help teach­ers to be more in­no­va­tive, cre­ative and crit­i­cal thinker. Chang is very pop­u­lar, he changes the en­vi­ron­ment and the lives of ev­ery in­di­vid­u­als, the way they talk, walk and flock in­for­ma­tion. Chang is very pow­er­ful, he is a man that will last for­ever. He will change ev­ery­thing and will help us to be more glob­ally com­pe­tent. But chang re­mind us that we should adopt and adapt him whole­heart­edly be­cause if not, chang will never ex­ist.

Chang (tech­nol­ogy and change) will al­ways be evolv­ing and ad­vanc­ing. It will con­tinue to make life eas­ier for stu­dents and teach­ers, make stu­dents more pre­pared for fu­ture jobs, be more in­tel­lec­tual about the world and for teach­ers to be more sen­si­tive on the needs of their stu­dents. Tech­nol­ogy and the ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem will al­ways go hand in hand, it will be up to our gen­er­a­tion to make sure that these in­no­va­tions in tech­nol­ogy con­tinue to evolve to fit the needs of peo­ple and to be used to make life bet­ter, es­pe­cially for stu­dents and teach­ers.

“One ma­chine can do the work of fifty or­di­nary men. No ma­chine can do the work of one ex­tra­or­di­nary man.” - El­bert Hub­bard

--oOo— The au­thor is Mas­ter Teacher I at San­tos Ven­tura Na­tional High School

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